The Jungle Book By: Rudyard Kipling Type: short stories
45% :moralistic stories for children
Review : 7 chapters each about a different aninmal, but do they have hidden political meanings ? Are the arrogant monkeys really the British ? 
    Introduces Mowgli, who was brought up by wolves after his parents were eaten by atiger. Under the protection of Baloo Bear the teacher and Bagheera the panther he joins the council of animals led by Akela the old wolf.Akela is deposed and Sheer Khan the evil tiger moves to have Mowgli excuded. But Mowgli brings fire to the meeting and shows he has power over all other animals moral : be good, learn and you shall win 
  1. Kaa The Snake  : The monkeys are seperate from the rest of the animals; they think they are so clever, but actually they forget everthing quickly. Mowgli is carried off by the monkeys But by flattering the snake Kaa, and because Mowgli left messages with the birds, Baloo and Bagheera rescue him. The monkeys will only fight when there is a lot of them. moral : make friends
  2. Sheer Khan the Tiger : Mowgli goes off to be with men, but Sheer Khan waits to catch him. His brother wolf warns him and by controlling the buffalo, they kill him. (Akela becomes leader again) But the hunter sees Mowgli talking to the wolf and is jealous so he makes up a story about Mowgli being a sorcerer; so Mowgli is kicked out of the village and goes back to the wolves. moral : keep your  friends, peole get jealous and life is unfair
  3. Lukannon the young white seal : thinks differently and leads the seals to a hidden beach where they are safe from man, and they don't have to fight each other for space. moral : conformity is not always good, different people are innovative.
  4. Rikki-Tiki-Tavi : The clever mongoose beats the evil snake family by speed and intelligence.
  5. Elephants : A little boy Toomai sees the dance of the elephants and becomes a jungle man
  6. The Military Animals  : ..................................
  • meaning : 
  • comments : Actually I don't think the stories are too deep or fantastic , it's just at the time thay were published they must have been very different from other stuff

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