Journey Without Maps By: Graham Greene Type: Travelogue 1936
45% : 
Review : Not a clever fascinating novel, but readable for the interesting Sierra Leonne country.
meaning : 
comments :  In fact his attempts at illuminating prose don't reaaly work. He concludes that in all of us through our ancestors is a feeling for ancient religions and practices, which the Africans still have. We are not right to believe that the European way is more civilised than African. In fact it's on the coast where both cultures coincide that you get the worst culture. The inland is much more isolated than the coast and the old ways still dominate..the dancing/teaching men etc . In fact very much the same as isolated villages I saw in other parts of West Africa in 1998.
He noted how "black" politics doen't really work (democracy is avery western concept). Also the exploitation of the American banks, lending the countries money after the colonists had left. He travelled with 25 couriers , whilst I travelled on my own.
I would interested to read his cousins book ..Land Benighted - Barbara Green

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