Tom Browns Schooldays 1857 By: Thomas Hughs Type: Novel
45 % : A very good read for teenage boys
Review : It is an interesting read for the adventure and for the historical picture of 19 th century England.
meaning : English countryside is beautiful, don't cheat, bully, learn to fight, team spirit, protect others (helps you grow up), teaches have the best interests of the boys at heart.
comments : History of a boys schooling at Rugby in the 1830s. Wriiten for the authors son'and probably based on his own experiences. 

We see Tom's life through a number of different episodes as a result of which he moves away from following a bad path and grows up to bea strong character. 
A number of times the book seems to push too much religious propoganda 
strange - a weird rugby game and the boys are given beer on Saturdays

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