The Milagro Beanfield War By: John Nicols 1974 Type: Novel
35% : Novel revealing the life of Spanish speaking countryfolk and the friction caused by the anglo-capitalist neighbors in New Mexico
Review : interesting and lucid insight into these folk ,but overlengthy
meaning :  life is futile ? The rich get richer and the poor have themselves to blame. 2. Really bad things happen when small problems get out of control and escalate.
synopsis : The Clever capitalists have legally robbed Josť of the right to irrigate his own beanfield, but day he gets up and irrigates it anyway and this tiny thing sets off a whole chain of events . Except at the end of it all nothing has really changed. The rich who control everything, but are afraid to act cos it will spoil one of their sly future plans whereby they aquire the land and the irritation laws change so it ends up irrigated anyway. Josť's tiny move actually brings together the poor hispanics to group together and begin to protect their rights, in the end they scupper the rich peoples plans, but seem to be no better off themselves.
comments : the one thing you get is a lucid picture of how these US born hispanics live

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