Trainspotting 1993 By: Irvine Welsh Type: Novel
30% : Almost impossible to understand the Scottish dialogue, 
Review : but it has a lot of depth and stretches normal situations
meaning : Life is not nice , you have to think for yourself
comments : The life of a group of Glasgow heroin users
A guy gets off with a girl at the disco and in the morning finds out she is still at school.
He catches HIV from sharing needles and seeks vengeance on the bloke who gave it to him in a very elaborate way. When his friend is in hospital dying ..he ingratiates himself with the guys girlfriend over a period of time. Then convinces her to go out for the evening while he looks after the young son. He fakes horrible photos of him murdering the kid. He takes the photos to the hospital and the guy dies in agony at the sight of the faked photos.
At the end Renton steals everyone elses drug money, he only regrets ripping off Spud everyone else deserves it they exploited and hurt so many people.

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