The Underdogs (Los de abajo) By: Mariano Azuela 1915 Type: Novel
20% : Cynical novel about a troop of Mexican revolutionaries written by a top Mexican politician who also fought on the revolutionary side.
Review : Not very interesting or readable.
meaning :  life is a bastard ? The revolutionaries become as bad as the federal soldiers. FUTILITY at the end of the day after a lot of bloodshed the life of the nornal farmers is just the same
synopsis :  The Federal forces come to the countryside, behaving in a thoroughly despicable way ...looting, killing and stealing women. So the peasants form their own rough troop, and fight against the Federals on the revotionary side. They get experience, become good fighters, win battles, but we see them then behave in the same despicable way. And also at the end of the war they go back to the same life on the farms. They have no influence over the new revolutionary politicians who just serve their own interests. All that turmoil and nothing has really changed.

"But Azuela was fundamentally a moralist, and his disappoint- ment with the Revolution soon began to manifest itself. He had fought for a better Mexico; but he saw that while the Revolution had corrected certain injustices, it had given rise to others equally deplorable. When he saw the self-servers and the un- principled turning his hopes for the redemption of the under- privileged of his country into a ladder to serve their own ends, his disillusionment was deep and often bitter."

comments : Good to hear a realistic view. Normally Mexican historians look back at the past in a facile romantic way ... All those who died for the revolution were valiant heroes.... Certainly not rapists and thieves.

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