Secret of Shambala By:Redfield James 1999 Type:Novel/ Philosophy
19% : A novel full of mystical "California Hippy" hyperbole (easy solutions) which doesn't stand up to close analysis
Review : cynically I would say that they know they can make a lot of money by regurgitating popular theories. I knew what it would be like right from the start, but I gave 8 hours to serious analysis. It full of "wet" words which don't really mean anything :love, beauty, energy etc. The reading experience is like a Hollywood film it filled up with action, but the story doesn't really make sense, ie unelected good guys fix the world problems ... One of which is the government spying and manipulating people... But the good guys actually use their psychic powers to spy on people and influence their thoughts, just one of the many contradictions.
meaning : It's so easy to make the world a better place just be positive, never negative (realistic), love everything, think everything is beautiful, eat raw foods, believe in angels and all religions are the same.
synopsis : Another story in a series of books showing a steps to enlightenment. Or really just another another book to reaffirm not challenge fashionable hippy beliefs and make another few million dollars.
comments : wish I hadn't bothered to read it, though I understand where people get their claptrap beliefs from. It's good that people begin to think about making the world a better place, but such a pity that they don't move forward cos they are brainwashed by this kind of stuff.

There is an excellent non-romantic analysis of Raw Food diet and fashion in an interview by Ward Nicholson which I downloaded his own website is

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Synopsis and Analysis

this is my analysis
Page Point
a syncronicityl
Well it is strange, that someone gave me this book, right after I met some people who seem to lead their lives by it !
a prayer energyfield surrounds us all
Maybe, but don't we all pray for peace in the world and an end to starvation ?
People are poisoned by cooked food
extensive dialogue of unsubstantiated rant - cooked food causes our bodies to be acid
we are full of dead products so our body starts to decay
Uncooked food is alkali
what about citrus etc ?

Raw food gives us "energy" to resist disease.

Wildly claims that cooked food causes all disease even AIDS ...well what about diseases like skin cancer.

"open your body to energy", exercise every muscle in the morning. Vague use of energy
He suggests by yoga, what about sex ?
Expect things to happen and they will vague use of language again. Of course it's a standard psychological technique to imagine yourself having achieved your goal, before e.g. at the job interview etc, but people often have unrealistic expectations which cannot be fulfilled ... Every athlete cannot win the race.

After the cooked food rant he then goes to a restaurant to eat soup, why isn't he down the market buying fruit ?

prayer field theory continued
People influence others, so crowd behaviour, what the majority expect does actually happens. Says normally expect the be?t

Contradiction now he says be detached and accept what happens so it doesn't hurt you surely you should be thinking hard so that your positive thoughts affect others

EVERY BAD comes from missed syncronicity
another generalisation which doesn't bear close analysis


Still not eating raw food
Uses the pseudo word manifest
The "ideal people" ie those in Shammbala don't eat pure raw food they eat soup.
Make Love Psychically
surely you can't get anything more unnatural that that. Contradicts with saying you need to exercise every muscle in your body.
Shambala is a special place where an advanced culture has developed
No use money
Everything made from energy
need almost no food
Conspiracy Watch theory
"them the evil government are constantly watching and controlling every idividual"
Previous great civilizations existed, but we don't see archaeological evidence cos buried by ice after continental drift
155 If each individual puts in his energy whole culture changes. Yes I accept this if instead of energy you mean good behaviour
In the perfect world of Shambala they wear American capitalist clothes - jeans and T-shirt more naive thinking .. The whole world looks to America.

But why do they wear clothes at all ? Surely nudity is the most in touch with nature, ecological etc especially since they have an artificially controlled climate.

Souls of babies choose parents romantic crap .. Can you remember choosingyour parents, do some choose parents they know are going to abuse them ?
Anti GE Engineering rant
165 reinforces idea of nuclear family - YUK
States GE Engineering is "terrible for health"
He misunderstands current arguments, no one has proved they are harmful, but no one has proved they are harmless so the argument is you don't use it until you are sure the benefit is bigger than the harm. Not cos anyone says they are "terrible for health" no one has said this. Furthermore there 2 uses for food and medicine and in medicine there are proven benefits
169 Big rant
-Fear of large corporations controlling all
- government surveillance
- end of cash
- headed for disaster Armageddon
BE SPIRITUAL - then everything is easily OK
all religions must unite
Rejection of material based society in favour of human potential movement 2nd part I agree with


again don't eat raw food they eat dried vegetable stew
Legends say Shambala will exist
Horrible sterotype only the evil Chinese general is logical the nice people are all romantic thinkers.


mentionschipping people

evil powers say "we must control society more cos of new technology like suitcase bomb"
evil powers say spiritual is bad

193 people become what you fear i.e. Treat people like criminals and they become criminals true, but it's a difficult one often you give bad people an inch and they end up taking advantage, but you can't cut them completely out of society
Energy level etc
1 - we have "energy" we can direct it
2 - "cooked food causes bad energy"
3 - Purer is better more beauty
4 - expectation increases syncronicity
5 - boost others by expectation yes possibly
6 - be detached and seek positive so energy flow keeps high contradiction how can you be detached and seek to influence at same time ?
this energy concept is a bit weird, I know what he means it like karma a good person brings good stuff to a project, but fat jolly unhealthy eaters are renowned for bringing positive side to projects
Avoid all negative energy WRONG this stops all realism I think
206 Angels really exist and are in every religion NOT TRUE - he is naive and only acknowledges weatern religions while lumping 100s of Eatern religions into on unit he doesn't mention indigenous religions, or African etc - true western religions may have angelss, but that doesn't mean all religions have

It seems to be a common theme and attractive idea among people that, " hey we are all the same, all religions are the same, they are just looking at things from a different angle". but it's just wishful thinking.
watch for a strange light similar to one which indicates syncronicity i.e. ?/

216 Crystal ball television in Shambala Youths in trouble in US are guided by people from Shambala
The ridiculous idea that a few people have the time to send prayer energy to each individual youth dispute. 1. Why do they only focus on the US ? Do the maths : If this is true they need 10s of thousands of people praying every day If we assume that there is one argument per 1000 youths each day thats 50,000 disputes a day. If they have 5 people praying etc
If they do care about the rest of the world they need 30 times more people praying ...
221 MASSIVE CONTRADICTION They are in fact doing exactly what they say governments shouldn't. Ie Controlling the world. Well who decided that they have the right to interfere with people ? Romantic idea - that they are good guys so it's OK to Break the rules, cos they do all the right things and governments do only bad
Bacteria don't attack us without cause Pure people who eat raw food, might I concede have better resistance, but it seems to me they have a romantic idea ? Luck plays it's part so all you can do it shorten the odds.
People see medicines fail well it largely succeeds, but not always
221 Central theme dreams predict the future (well don't have any nightmares then)
227 channeling mentioned
228 Romantic untrue idea of Tibet
His has a female monk character , in reality women have much lower status than mennin Tibet
twisted idea about angels
If they don't seem to be working for you that's cos you're not sending them enough energy ie Angels don't exist unless you believe they exist ! Ha ha!
If there are really angels why can't they just get on with their job and protect us in an intelligent way ?
22? "If we don't succeed all past is in vain"
this fatalistic hype manipulates us
Somehow puts an angel by Yin in prison
What happens to Yin ?, I can feel a sequel coming. Earn another million dollars

There is an excellent non-romantic analysis of Raw Food diet and fashion in an interview by Ward Nicholson which I downloaded his own website is

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