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- Germaine Greer was awful .. Still stuck in a meme that it's all about a business exploiting men for money and degrading women. She had some strange ideas that are different from reality, as if she never had proper sex. She was convinced men enjoy sex more than women. But surely if you have good sex, women enjoy it more than men, they are the ones that have multiple orgasms and sex is much more like porn than I imagined before. She also said humans aren't monogomous.

The results before the pros won 45% to 22%,
- after the debate those against had made more progress as they put on 22% to 44% total
- wheras the pros only put on an extra 5% to get 50% so of course they still won
.. sounds to me Greers lot had been planted in the audience

Some Good Points :
- "Porn is like any other entertainment sport etc. people understand it's not real life ..e.g. boxing "

- "try telling athletes that people only respect them for their body"
- "Do you criticise comedy films and say that give people false expectations that real life is funny"
I say - It is different about sex , cos sex is quite secret it is easier to believe false things

- Also on The BBC R4 Moral Maze : not much new
- There is no evidence that it causes problems any more than seeing violence on TV

- The only evidence is "of course"
- both boys & girls use the excuse "oh it's the pressure I get from porn"..
- the best porn filter is education cos "the brain" is the thingthat controls childs and adults morality

- I note that Iceland's plan to censor all internet porn came to an end when the government changed, but the media didn't report on that they often don't follow up stories

Can you regrow the end of your finger ?

- Surprisingly yes, but only if you are less than 6 years old, cos animals default setting is to regrow, but in mammals this switches off. So maybe scientists can find a trick to switch it back on again, the liver does regro damaged parts.
- From ABC Science

How Micro-metals control Embryo growth

- More from ABC science - in embryos micro amounts of metals create voltage differences . when you replicate head voltage at tail .. you end up with eye on tail... so minor mineral imbalances lead to deformities .. so no medicine for pregnant ...
- perhaps we can apply tweaking voltages ro correct deformities ABC Science Show : Growing new fingers, kidneys, teeth? ... a hyped up headline

"Foreign volunteering like working at ophanages is a negative"

- Fourthought podcast.
- They do what is best for them rather than what is best for the poor so instead of NGOs they are N-eGOs. Good she says this, but I am surprised it took this girl 5 years of working in the industry to work this out.
I SAY : Orphanages should not be tourist places nor even the responsibility of foreigners. Actually most orphans have parents and that's where they belong. So it is their own governments responsibility to help the parents.
- online, download

Good Superhero Litter Picker idea

Man dresses as a superhero to lead people in cleaning up the rubbish - video
- another

Paleofantasy - The past is a ROMANTIC PLACE
(just like Far off places)

NATURAL way is not necessarily best

: just like people are romantic about the "noble savage", believing that he lives in complete balance with nature, they also have paleo fantasy believing that evolution took us to a place where humans were completely in balance with nature

"We evolved to eat berries rather than bagels, to live in mud huts rather than condos, to sprint barefoot rather than play football—or did we? Are our bodies and brains truly at odds with modern life? Although it may seem as though we have barely had time to shed our hunter-gatherer legacy, biologist Marlene Zuk reveals that the story is not so simple. Popular theories about how our ancestors lived—and why we should emulate them—are often based on speculation, not scientific evidence."
..but she points out evolution is not a DESIGN it's a kind of TINKERING .. those that can cope with the conditions at the time get through. Yes kids TODAY getting fat and sick cos they are sitting all day in front of the PC drinking coke, but if they took enough exercise they wouldn't be fat or sick even with all the coke and PC time. It's not just a case of taking the kids back to a lifestyle of 150 years ago, cos yes maybe only 10% would be fat, 40% would be fit & thin, but the other 50% would be dead.

- Some humans did evolve to drink milk, almost all to eat cooked food, ( 2 different sets of genes in different people, so that selection happened in 2 different places)

- actually we continually evolve

Technology is a good shortcut to better life you want to give up plumbing cos it's not natural ?

- So Paleo-diet is a load of rubbish ..what is ideal place and time, cos very different but humans still coped ..and not same food is available today.

- People say natural is best .. processed food is evil
- OK let's take away butter, cheese, tea, coffee, bread, .. oh can't drink coke's artifical ..hang on does that mean we take away wine and beer also ?

- It's impossible to say humans are naturally warlike like chimps ..or sexs crazy like Bobobos different circumstances in places or time either might work, there is not always one way, there is not an easy definition of gender roles etc.

Selection is not always the same as evolution

Not just a case of saying paleo food was better could do science also

People want a magic solution, but IT'S NOT THAT SIMPLE !'s complex

- From
BOOK LINK"We didn't evolve this way ?"

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