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PROOF why driving whilst speaking on the phone NOT safe
- It's just the same as talking to someone isn't it ? NO.
- From the brain Neuroscience podcast ..your brain cannot truly multitask as it uses the same area of the brain for some tasks e.g. imagining as it does for seeing.
- In a simple experiment the subjects are shown a light yellow projection of a banana on a wall , most can see it. Then another group are told to imagine a banana and then told to look at the same wall, they cannot actually perceive the same projection.
- Apparently data shows that driving whilst speaking on the phone is more dangerous, and strangely the same applies for even hands-free.
- The hypothesis is that when you speak to someone over the phone you imagine them, whereas if the are sitting next to you you don't to the same extent. So that some of your attention to driving is lost to that imagining.
link to podcast

- His great tip
"Don't waste 1 year in the laboratory", for 1 hour in the library"

that prog showed us why talking on the phone whilst driving is dangerous. So neuroscience is warning of a dangerous practice, but can we move further and apply neuroscience to make us drive safer. Are somethings that put us in a state of maximum alertness ? e.g. listen to music makes us calm. BTW I wouldn't listen to the radio or podcasts whilst city driving, but would when I am on an open road free of traffic - If Brainscience can inform on what is bad for driving can tell us what is good for driving ..surely they are applying it to pilots etc.

- Crosspost : In countries where texting & driving was banned , such accidents went up, cos people are more scared of getting caught than killing some-one from Triangulation ep 85 a tech video show .. (It's just talking heads so click AUDIO and you can download an mp3 soundfile like it's a podcast ).

- See how laws don't work cos people think in the moment not the rational long term. So Laws should maybe be designed on short term.

Why it is easier to believe than disbelieve ? and Thinking like Sherlock
Why it is easier to believe than disbelieve ? and Thinking like Sherlock When you imagine idea your brain must think of as existing positively, before you can then dismiss it.

e.g. "pink elephant" .. your brain creates a picture of a pink elephant before you realise they don't exist

- This was from a podcast about Maria Konnikova's book about thinking like Sherlock Holmes
System 1 Watson : The first of these modes operates quickly and automatically. It is our default mode, error-prone.
System 2 Holmes : slower and more deliberate... we should use it more

Holmes system :
1. Background knowledge ..careful what you put in your brain and keep it ordered Pay Attention everyday
2. Observation VIGILANT
3. Imagination ALTERNATIVES
4. Deduction.
5. The Improbable Is Not Impossible (177-184)
- Learning to Spot the Signs of Overconfidence (pg 201-205)
- keep your brain tidy & uncluttered
The Little Atoms Interview was better than the interview on
don't rush to judgement , think in colour, not black and white

Why is US much more violent than other countries ?
- Violence in all nations is at an historic low, but why is US much more violent than other countries ?
MEDIA makes the USA more violent ! - my theory based on Pinker
- Interesting talk by Steven Pinker famous for saying world violence has declined through the ages. he said that under anarchism to keep safe you always have to maintain an aggressive stance to show how tough you are, but when governments take over the role of defending order, then that frees you up to be more chilled. When crazy insults you, you can just ignore it and violence is not escalated. He was then asked why America is so much more dangerous than other similar countries, not just gun crime, but all voilence like knives etc. He ummed. But I have a clear hypothesis : as he said violence declines when people are less afraid, so maybe America is more afraid than Denmark. There are a number of reasons for this in a small country you won't see local violence on TV often, but in a large country, you'll see news of violence in the US on TV everyday .. so you will be more afraid. Not only more violence news, but their cultural dynamic means there is more violence on TV & movies & less sex.
- Pinker on a POI Podcast
- see also coincident lecture the Humanist podcast voltaire-lecture-2013

Or maybe US is more tribal ? : gangs, racial groups, poor repressed attacking rich, maybe cos US is more unequal. - from Pinkers point : "Violence goes down when we are all one tribe. when you are citizens of world you aren't out to get other tribes."

- Our doom perspective : comes from focussing on individual atrocities not the big picture.
- So we ask what are we doing wrong instead of what are we doing right

- one guy points out war deaths are lower cos better health and protection systems, but Pinkers says the reduction is magnitudes so it's not technology.

- Murder of husbands is massively down, so women's liberation is good for men. Presumabley women aren't pushed as far as they were, among other things.

Predictably Irrational Triangulation

- Author of Predictably Irrational and The Honest Truth About Dishonesty, behavioral economist Dan Ariely is today's guest.

- POSITIVE PROJECTION - you say "I like music", people will assume you like the same music as them .. AKA the Vana White effect : The less people know about you the more they like

watching the news is bad for you
BBC Podcast , cos watching it provokes anxiety and psysiological stress which can be measured.
- online, download

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