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Good podcasts - Pythagoras' TrousersThe Science & Technology Radio Show on Radio Cardiff is worth dipping into occasionally ..has skeptic bit

- BBC used to reign supreme in but a few US productions are catching up and surpassing it

Science in The City - On Sleep
..the guy explained what I heard before from the Edinburgh sleep expert that before artificial light historical research shows that people used to have not one but a first sleep then a pleasant hour awake and then a second sleep.
..study shows people remember things better after they have slept on it.

- also worth checking editions such as fractals

Freakonomics : Democracy always give bad politicians
Good podcasts from - Democracy (It's flawed cos only politicians who promise dumb things will get elected)
- We the Sheeple
Democracy inevitably leads to bad policies cos the things that are popular are not correct. The whole process is contradictory
.. People want to cut the budget, but when you ask about individual issues they don't want to cut any of them.

From CBC

An hour of the social anthropologist Margaret Visse
- Phallus In Wonderland - virtual museum of the penis

Jon Ronson on brainstorming covered interesting fake Latvia meteor strike.. the advertising men got caught but created mass sales for the product

Shocking Sexism
Don't you think we have to help the women of Africa ?
In Africa
- 80% people who drown
- 80% -85% of people struck lightening strikes
- 19/20 people who die working are women,
- only 43% of the people in college

- really shouldn't we be helping them ?
- what if I tell you they earn slightly more than men ?
- or that they make up 90% of the prison population but they are so smart they file 92.5% of the patents

- actually I LIED I am NOT talking about women in Africa ..I am talking about MEN in the West & US.
- Of course if those stats applied to any minority people would be starting campaigns
- On the flipside in the US 80% Of politicians are men.
- * I guess women spend more hours at home

- Those stats from a fascinating edition of Freakonomics radio : Women Are Not Men
- females now outnumber males on Twitter and FB... female gamers are not now vastly outnumbered by men.
- BUT Wikipedia is by far mostly edited by men
-.. males still file 92.5% of patents

Excellent Radiolab Podcasts

- Excellent edition on Truth The Fact Of The Matter Yellow Rain Chemical Weapon or propaganda ?
- Are You Sure : Amazing story of woman who puts an innocent guy in jail for 18 years ..and then
- Epigenetics quick evolution
- Improv without audience prompts Radiolab Presents: TJ & Dave

- also worth checking Radiolab editions such as colour , guts and The Turing Problem, On Speed,

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