13 DW & Brain Science Podcasts 8/5/2013

Turkey has State Brothels !

- that sounds really strange (they have 56 ..used to be 112) I heard it on radio DW. OK Olympic weight lifters and David Beckham are really only selling their bodies & their looks so if a woman wants to sell sex that is her business (e.g. the women who give sex to disabled people in Denmark, which is paid for by the Denmark government ). But for the Turkish government to be your pimp that sounds incredible. I suppose they could argue that it is better than private mafia brothels & that they are protecting the women by providing a safe enviroment.
- The report said 100 years ago the government said "men need sex, so we are providing a place for them", that is strange cos in the UK prostitution is not very common I would think 98% of men never use prostitutes..I guess they are only used by foreign tourists and strange people etc.
- story
- audio

- Someone might joke that if they introduce brothels staffed by men then POLITICIANS should be the first workers ..after all theyhave F'd the country .. so now it's the countries turn to F them !

Other DW stuff

- Last year I heard on DW how when you leftover food you can alert local people and they can come over
- Now I can see there is an app tastethewaste.com App to share waste food. but why not just have a twitter alert system using something like twilert.com ansd special hashtag like #leftover

- anyone noticed how html java as a standard is being taken over non universal apps e.g just iphone just android

- British library - digital archive project but proj have to visit 4 locations can't do it online

- Alibaba is bigger turnover than Amazon & Ebay combined

Stew... . Check out the book 4 hr workweek by Tim Ferris if you haven't. Think it would speak to you.

http://bad-pr.tumblr.com/ guy from Merseyside Skeptics ..why does he bother ..all news stories based on surveys are bullshit

Blog posts which are really hidden advertising
1. Media Discovery Seller of Secret Advertising
& 2. secretly selling advertising on your site
- Also from DW quoting a Dutch journalist, he got one of those emails saying we want to advertise on your website. I ignore them as spam he followed it up.
- His Story The emails are from Media Discovery and are signed Wendy Stevenson. When he questioned they explained the advertising would be promotional blog post, not marked as advert ! ..cos it works better that way (totally unethical and probably illegal).
- Seems once you reply with difficult questions they say they sold out and they don't need to advertise anymore
- another story from Feb 2013
- Media Discovery is Badly rated
- But another modus operandi- Sell advertising first and then ask the website owner - story
- another warning

- Yes who are they ? Their website looks like from generic template ..could be 1 man bedroom operation their branding spiel, ..Their aboutus

- DW article
- audio on spectrum page

How much of the advertising on the internet is secret ?

Idea : Spam blacklist page
- page which says "You spammed me so I going to tell people never to buy from you"

why swearing is a good thing
- DIRTY DIRTY scientist makes good points about why swearing is a good thing .. allowing people to express emotion without violence.. podcast
- Even chimps will "swear" by shitting in the wrong place to express anger
- helps bonding, express anger, resist pain ..So take swearing away ..and society suffers
- some qualifications on using racist words
- the podcast is better cos it's got the audience questions on
- I see in the questions they mix swear words up with racist words .. racist words might be taboo but they are not swear words

BrainScience Podcast on Pain

- On most things your body & brain adapt ..and gets used to stuff. BUT for Pain it's Different
Pain - does not adapt it amplifies sensitization to say "come-on stop what you doing !" e.g. after 10 mins your new shoes hurt your feet ..after 2 hour sthen you are in agony

- the BrainScience Podcast - We have many effective treatments for pain, but the health system doesn't use them enough .. they a could just prescribe more painkillers and people would be happier, but they are so afraid of doing that.

The Psych Files

- seems a bit amateur ..I didn't like it .. I tried quite a few episodes like SELF+HELP

- Some sensible stuff says :

- research shows :
Talking Therapy works : that spending a lot of time helping people talk thru problems helps .

- further research show actually Talking Therapy DOES NOT work
- the problem was the experimenters so believed in the system worked, they just asked the people if they felt better & they said yes cos the experimenters told the m the technique works
.. However the experimented failed to use a proper objective way of measuring unhappiness, when this was done the results were NEGATIVE
- Further studies showed just getting people to MOVE-ON instead of dwell works better ...That is maybe one reason that the human brain has evolved to forget things so easily.. Yes on day one it is stressful, but over time the stress should fade.

.... "gratitude journals" are not great ..more below

Positive Psychology Exercise
- BUT what is more effective : imagine taking some things out of your life ..studies that does help people appreciate what they've got
- for me that would be
  • good health (it sucks when your sick),
  • My computer phone, I never phone, but I do listen to podcasts & write notes all the time
  • stuff like BBC radio 4 documentaries etc.
  • hypermarkets
- BUT 95% of the stuff in the world adds nothing of value to me : TV, bars, restaurants, football, hollywood movies, crap soap operas, beer etc.

Fab Labs
- provide widespread access to modern means for invention. They began in the “Centre for Bits and Atoms” at MIT, and have now spread from inner-city Boston to rural India, from South Africa to the North of Norway. http://www.fablabsuk.co.uk/

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