Wisdom things to tell your children

When I am dead at least I will have larnt this much ...

1. Society is Completely Mad .. Step outside conentional thinking for a moment and you'll understand

2. It Bollocks

3. Happiness is all in the mind

Newsgroups no Ghana newsgroup try mailing for newslist
or see ..soc.culture.nigeria,, soc.culture.african sorry I haven't hyperlinked them yet just copy them into the address bar ...links but some dead ..good links can't see any good stuff nice personal webpage of town

personal experience

good city net links

LP info

Rough Guide online lot of info


In Accra try
Internet Ghana , On Kojo Thompson Road , opposite the Niagra Hotel, 9-7pm ,12000 Cedis/hr
NCS, The Ridge , 9-7pm fast access because they have a Satellite link
Aquarius Restaurant : this expensive German restaurant used to be great because they had free internet access, but now they have a coin slot 3000 Cedis for 15 minutes

In Kumasi a few business centres have access but it's expensive and slow because you also have to pay the phone charges to Accra

In Lome Togo can go to CAFE Informatique 5Km out of the city on Route De Kpalime (at Cite Maman N`Danida), 100CFA a minute, Tel 25 55 55

In Cotonou Benin can go to Alinde et Fils near to thecentre on a road off Boulevard De Republic, Tel 32.21.22 also 100CFA a minute

To find your local internet access point in the UK tel 0800 456 567


Accra British High Commission
Osu Link, off Gamel Abdul Nasser Avenue
(P.O. Box 296), Accra
Telephone: (233) (21) 221665
                      669585 (24 hours)
Facsimile: (233) (21) 66 46-52
Office Hours (GMT): 0745-1445
(Immigration Section Public Hours 0730-1100)
(Consular Section Public Hours    0730-1330)


See the book "Letters From Togo" By: Susan Blake

Ouidah - Adrianne will guide you around in Frech or good English for 6000 CFA a day

You can visit the head of Voodoo.. Daagbo Hounon Houna (Chef Supreme des Vodoun-non), B.P. 317 Sogbadji, Ouidah, Benin, Tel 34 13 27

The European borders imposed on West Africa are not natural the locals cross very often e.g. when people want to visit Benin without a visa they go to the village of Agokpame near Aneho and cross the river by canoe. On the way back from Benin there is a Rothmans advert 800m before the border next to the beginning of the path ** HOME ** mail me