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18 Mon San Vito (Costa Rica)
19 Tue David (Purple House)
Wed In La Concepcion
Thu visited Volcan and great ruins at Barriles www.volcanbaru.com

Fri arrived in Soloy
Soloy - staying with a tribe of indigenous ..pity that they have lost all their old abilities and are lost and confused and are eating themselves to death on a diet of white rice and sugar while fruit falls off the trees around them. tomorrow going to visit another tribe. (turned out to be just villagers) see 2 Full Page of Soloy notes .. Bahai help but are also resposible for cultural destruction Good background

23 Sat walked mountain trails
Sun visted Adan's house etc
Mon really good presentation by Casa Esperanza
They had a great German thinking technique exercise. Instead of asking outsiders to come in, they say what they think the village problems are and then challenge this to work out what the real problems are

Tue walked to casara bag weaving coop village
Wed came back from village

Thu travelled to Santiago
Fri Chitre
30 Sat Guarare Festival
31 Sun-Mon Stayed with villagers in La Rica inside PN Omar Torrijes

2 Tue- 3 Wed Mina Membrillo stayed with soap stone carvers in Cocle

Panama City
4th Thu Panama City, Casco viejo, Panama Vieja, Canal, Botanical Gardens, Anabor Peninsula etc visit schools -- Exploring and looking for work ops
see http://www.geocities.com/stewgreen/guan.htm, and my cv

- Trips with Mike - Fishing on Lake Gatun we caught 100 fish in 3 hours.
Guide Mike HintonFishing on lake Gatun
- We went upto Altos de Maria, a new housing development up on a high hill, so cooler
- We drove into the Darien Once, boat buying etc.

- With Joseph and his friends. We were above the old square the 100 years of Independence,
- I saw lots of movies and shows at the Festival of Maize.
- I went to see a few alternative films at the University. Saw "love Actually" at the cinema which was OK and ended in one week. Saw that mel gibson Jesus movie, which is fcking dire, but went on and on for weeks. "
- I was at the end of the street at the Public Health riots,
- I helped Joseph rebuilding an old house in Gamboa.

- I travelled around panama at the weekend.. going to the beaches, mountains,forests, Colon City, which is like Beiruit etc.
- I've walked almost everywhere in the city, all the mueseums etc
- exploring countyside - La Mesa, San Miguel, big walk Altos de Pacora - PC175 Walking Altos De Pacora
, Took the ferry out to Taboga

- At Easter I went to Costa Rica to renew my visa, The corrupt officer tried to force me to buy a bus ticket back to Costa Rica.

- I went to the canal with Joseph and Jaime took us to the Beach.
- I went on Rudy's bike to a country festival.
- We went to the island where teacher Walt had bought a surf house.

I used to go to the meetings at the Panama Historical society, some concerts, boring plays
- organised treasure hunt for my students

- Saw the build up to carnival, though I left town to get away
- Some of the "100 years of Panama" events couldn't get near the Ruben Blades concert, Carnival procession,
- Some kind of festival in the nearby park

- Friday the dog was terrified, then we found out the street cat was sneaking into the apartment to steal the dog's food

- Ben (Dr. Benjamin Murphy) did an excellent talk at the Excedra Bookstore about the origin of the bible, stories and myths, being taken seriously and the Da Vinci code. text

- PC176 Yachting down the Panama Canal
- PC177 Leave to UK

Making money in Panama is easy for Panamanians - get involved in a partnership/marriage play along for a while then after 6 months claim the partnership has broken down and you want half the money.
Enjoying Panama means Learning Spanish
Helps you get ahead in learning Spanish ... more

100 fish in 3 hours

Fishing with Mike
See My Panama Links ... where to - Stay with Indigenous and country people

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