PC171 Costa Rica-

Exploring and looking for work ops http://www.discoverypress.com/wwwboard/wwwboard.html good noticeboard http://www.ticojobs.com/


Been WWOOFing at Finca San Agustin

more my photos on my site and http://www.geocities.com/verehcostarica/

Costa Rica Travel					
Date	Stayed	visited			
4	Liberia	Canas, Tilaran			
5-6	Fortuna	waiting to see Volcano lava			
7	San Jose	museum etc			
8-9	San Jose Galileo	Heredia, Arajuela			
		Colon, Radio por Paz, Santa ana			
10	San Jose Gaudys				
11	Orosi				
12-21	Finca San Agustin		WWOOF		
22	Turrialba				
23	Guapiles	Siquieres			
24-25	Puerto Viejo	Limon			
26-27	Bocas del Toro	Oriel's house
28-29	David 	Pension Costa Rica
30-31	Boquete	walking , boring
1-2	David	visit schools

new tips places to stay in Central America tips.htm

WWOOF notes and volunteering in Costa Rica wwoofnotes.txt

Really good panama info http://www.panoramicpanama.com/main.htm

Plans ..

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