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Really good panama info good site with lonely planet corrections, good links Great Panama photo site Spanish School
http:// Monthly online newspaper Michaels Guide service web hosting Voyager Hostel $8 behind super El Rey on via España, 8th floor tel 636 3443
good page about boats to columbia will check

Events -
1., month view,
2. Exedrabooks events,
3. see Panamanews calendar also
7. Check the university cinema $2 art films 4,6 and 8pm and

9. com/group/infoarte Arts events in Panama

Regular Events

Mon international living see web 5pm City of knowledge $15 for non subscribers.
Tues 12pm free science lecture at Tupper building, near 5 Mayo just inside the Zone.

Motor cycle club in Fort Clayton

Wed wine tasting ?

Panama Historical Society. They meet upstairs in Nikkos Cafe, Balboa on the first Wednesday of every month.
most cinemas half price

Thu 8:00 p.m. Café de Asís - literature cafe, Plaza Bolívar (Casco Viejo) poets and singers open mic
Fri Tree planting with Amigoes del Tierra in Soberama NP meet 8.00 am office

Jobs real jobs but low paid
some jobs
some jobs
doesn't work
some</a>catID=17 not v good

I didn´t find any newsgroups except (look in google)
public private Panama Canal Zone people
The_Panama_Connection news stuff
ambientalistaspanama mostly about dogs

See also the lonely planet thorntree pages, (their search doesn´t work well so do a a google search on - thorntree panama "your subject" )

Ecology Amigos del Tierra ... flash page doesn´t work tries to install software
Tel/fax: 261-1123 Dirección: Urbanización Miraflores calle principal # 132 E-mail:
They go tree planting in the national park every Friday some Saturdays also comprehensive project list has problems with webpage might have projects

Secondhand books in English : in Gamboa, Mrs Elizabeth Lee house 155 sells for charity
Excedra books from 50c, Argossy more expensive
National Library Parque Omar good collection
ACP Technical resources Dept, Balboa- best reference library and free novel exchange (more than 1000 paperbacks)

notes on TEFL schools in panama notes2.htm

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