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So far checked thru CS groups and found some new ones
My Opinions
Some opinions - like how they moan about a crisis yet live in big houses with big cars from easy money

Greek you already know mostly phonetic spelling

Greek is almost uneccary most people seem to speak English
- Greek_phrasebook

Hello - YAH sahss
Thanks - ef-hah-rees-TOH
Excuse me - See-GHNO-mee
Good day - kah-lee-MEH-rah

TURKISH moedani - square like medan in Arabic
Goodbye! Yas-zuk!
Görüşürüz! .. See you!
Nasılsınız? .. How are you? (formal)
İsminiz? .. What's your name? (formal)
Görüşürüz! .. What's your name? (formal)

Güle güle - Said by those staying
"c" is pronounced "j"c jam ..
ç = charm
i = E tea

ü = oo fruit
ö =ur turd
ı not dot =e ğ is in most cases a silent letter.

Eyvallah - Has two more meanings: Thanks (with gratitude)
..goodbye for now

kedi cat
adam= MAN but ev= HOUSE
no baby = bebek yok
öğretmen = A teacher
- when = ne zaman
oda = room
okul = school
Yok çocuk A child

Bu okul This school

Şu okul That school

O masa That table
Make IS by suffix
O bir okuldur. That is a school.
O bır öğretmendir

Ending depends the vowel
ev e i = dir
öğrenci i i = dir
göz ö ü = dür
gül ü ü = dür
kökü ü ü = dür
examples :
benzina - petrol
şhehEr = city
shekker = sugar

0 = ...
1 = EH-nah
2 = DHEE-oh
3 = TREE-ah
4 = TESS-a-rah
5 = PEN-deh
6 = EH-xee
7 = ep-TAH
8 = okh-TOH
9 = en-EH-ah

10 = on
20 = yirmi
30 = otuz
40 = kurk
50 = ell-E
60 altm-ush
70 = yetm-Esh
80 = seksen
90 = doksan

100 = oosh
1000 = bEEn

Most of thıs page ıs under construction
camera doppia - double room
tesh-a kulla= Thankyou

benne = gazel
evet= yes, yok= no
parlo Italiano - speak Italian ?
andando - travel, caminando - walk, a piedi - on foot

Others phonetic spelling
mi excusi = excuse me

- GOOGLE Translate Turkish

Top Links

Safer than most most, but the usual sleazy men chasing foreign ladies ??? maybe

* Accommodation not in guidebook
check wiki climate
- updating blogs takes time, there maybe updates on StewGreen on Facebook, StewGreen on Twitter or StewGreen on G+ Google Plus before they are archived here on my website
Next Place HOT LINKS : Some useful stuff
- FCO Warnings for Next Place

- Next Place.com Events
- angloinfo.com/whatson
Official events nothing
- NICOSIA : 2 alternative venues have events
1. Shoe Factory
2. KISA .. has films and cheap food on sundays
Nicosia - regular events artist house artist house in Lefkosia

check groups for Cultural and languages exchange meeting ( CLEM )
- Chat English Limassol
- Babel's meetups are NOT language lessons, we just meet, talk and have fun together while making new friends. - no group find
- Limassol UK Citizens Ass

- NEW OFFICIAL SOUTH Next Place TOURISM website works on IE
- Limassol not many events listed
- LP Next Place has more


Couch Surfing Forum (sometimes hidden on FB)
checked the CS groups to see whats happening

https://www.couchsurfing.org/group.html?gid=626 help ex not much Alternative Ways of Living & Consuming https://www.couchsurfing.org/group.html?gid=24 JOBS Picking the world (planting, picking, https://www.couchsurfing.org/group.html?gid=24536 some jobs packing and prunning, agriculture job is ideal for travellers) Hitchhikers busy group

- Complainers are moving to bewelcome.org but few members or forums are active
- Next Place
- FB Couchsurfing Next Place
Check subgroups for province and sub sub for cities
- Northern Next Place subgroup of Next Place
- CS Wiki Closed down
- Instead Use Hitchkiki or from couchwiki.org
Next Place LP Forum thorntree thorntree Forum
- CS camps can't find them anymore

Accommodation not in guidebook
- Post cheap places
* see list below

Rationalist Connections

- rationalist : Next Placefreethinkers.org focus against religion .. CAGW religion ..looks like they only ever had 2 meetings ..one was last August news p
quite active on FB
- Science - 29th - 30th June 2013 at the Home for Cooperation, Nicosia! on FB what happened to April ?
- skeptic - NOTHING
- freethinkers - NOTHING
- secularist -
- Humanist - NOTHING
- brights - NOTHING

expat forums
- angloinfo.com Best PORTAL For South
- Angloinfo FORUM
- britishexpats.com some stuff
- expatfocus.com bits
- TA loads of posts
- easternNext Place.com
- alloexpat.com some stuff
- VT 1 post per month
- expatexchange.com not much
- expatforum.com have to register then see lots of posts
- Next Place44.com now closed
- http://community.justlanded.com dead

JOBS (İs Arayanlar)
- It seems diffcult, much of the businesses are BS & jobs are found through knowing someone as jobs are not so often advertised
- easternNext Place.com job Forum south some jobs
- workforceNext Place
- Big portal for the south EURES e.g teacher job
- Some for the south quickjobsinNext Place.com
- Next Placejobsnetwork 3 jobs/week
- Many real jobs but mostly in Greek
- On FB - Wow real jobs - Next Place-Jobs-Online english
- On FB - jobs.Next Place mostly in Greek
- On FB - FindJobInNext Place mostly in Greek ..maybe focused on selling Cypriots fake jobs in the UK etc.

- list of language schools
- jobsNext Place.com ..not much
- Next Placejobswebsite.com ..some maybe fake ..focussed on South
- justlanded.com some beware only top of page is jobs rest is ads and most are people looking for work
- http://www.jobinNext Place.com/english/ BS nothing
- employment Agencies Greek side

Gov employment Offices District Superiors: Nicosia District Chief: 2290275-2270316 Famagusta District Chief: 3665307 Kyrenia District Chief: 8152112 Morphou Regional Superiors: 7142112 Jobcentre Plus office: 2288836-2288839

Job centres in the south on webpage

- On FB
- Jobs for Asians Agency
- Pluton Employment agency some real jobs

- teachers forums

Volunteer Jobs checked
- 4 Volunteer jobs
3 options
- Girne there is a WWOOF place near to the town - GROL organic garden in Girne near centre
- Coral Bay near Pahos there is a Rainbow Community
- RSPCA they cover travel but not living The RSPB: Volunteering: BirdLife International Volunteering Role - Next Place (in Famagusta (southside) and Larnaca districts)
- From Helpx.net

VOLUNTEER check vfp.org - but UK site has better search to filter out younger age projects

Other Sources of Info : Libraries, newspapers etc
English libraries
- 5 or 6 in Nicosia, 1 in Larnaka, 2 in Limmasol (city and uni), but Next Place doesn't priortise them so often closed. There are a few expat libraries and book exchange businesses..

- check the anglo info MEDIA list - GOOD
Checking English language newspapers
- Next Place-mail.com/
- Next Place-mail.com/classifieds
- financialmirror.com/
- Next Place weekly
- starkibris.net/ TRNC
- www.Next Placeobserver.net TRNC

Checking English language Radio
- Next Place Radio 2
- cybc.com.cy no AOD for English but can listen live each evening
- list 1

Limassol Tips
- There's no real budget hotels.

- Cheap Internet - There are 3 Filipino internet cafes, they used to be 50c/hour and maybe now $1

Mo Tu Wed Thu Fri 5 Sat Sun 7

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