PC695 2013 Festival Stuff
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Festival Ideas UPDATE
- Busy checking events , cos here in the village it's boring as always

Winchester Hat Fest
- Festival of street performers. Bit different from the normal folk festival stuff, as it's financed by the council and they hire in a professional organiser who works all year.
- what happens is they inviye the performers and pay some of them, they have to police the performers a bit, cos they change stuff around like putting on extra shows and moving the pitches so they earn more money. They have Fri, Sat on the shopping streets with Sunday being in the park. I was running around generally setting up campsite etc.
We got everything cleaned up by Tuesday PM.. so I went off to the BH meet in Oxford.
Jenny putting up signs at the market

Tintern Folk Festival
- This was more like a bar/restarant puts on a weekend festival. There was no official camp etc. Basically a stage outside and sometimes a session inside or at another nearby pub. It finished 4pm Sunday so we were all cleaned up by Sunday night.

St Briavels Castle & expensive youth hostel

St Briavels Castle & expensive youth hostel

Coleford Library brainwashing people to be Green

Tintern, How The gazebo goes up

Cat above the dog kennel

- I went back home and looked after house while Mum/Dad went on a Norway cruise.

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