PC641 To Lithuania
Festival Ideas UPDATE

ticket to Amsterdam today Monday : OK I want to get away from Olympics, probably to Baltic states festivals. As ever planning takes huge amount of time, so bugger it, Megabus have £25 bus ticket from Manchester to Amsterdam, so I'll do that and I suppose I can hitch bit by bit or get a flight there.

On FB European Hitch-hikers meetup in Lithuania 4/8/2012 - so with a basic plan to hitch from Amsterdam to do a tour of Baltic states festivals - this event could be a good start

the main webpage European Hitchgathering | All roads lead to Lithuania hitchwiki.org

- Hitchgathering "Since 2008 hitchhikers of Europe, have been meeting once a year in different spots around Europe. The gathering is a place to share stories, learn skills, meet other similar minded travellers around the bonfire. This year we will meet in the countryside of Lithuania, in Ambraziški.."

Buxton Finished
So we just wrapped up the Buxton festival.. I hitched to Stockport to get the bus to Amsterdam

- so flights to Lithuania were difficult to figure out so I ended up with this cheap bus ticket to Amsterdam. Now instead of taking a flight or bus across Germany & Poland I've decided to hitch ..it's all part of my style to experience a bit of Germany & Poland instead of rushing through.

- I am leaving from Manchester to Amseterdam today ..then I'll be hitching/travelling across to Berlin/Poland Gdansk etc to try to arrive within 1 week ..stopping off if there are interesting things like festivals

Guy's don't forget to check the discussion page ..especially about the pregathering meetups in Warsaw & Vilnius etc. forums

- cheap stay tool airbnb.co.uk

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