PC638 Part 3 Essex 1 Walking & Festivals in UK
My Route part 3 : Southend & Essex 1 : Leigh Folk Festival, Mersea Island to Ipswich

- Thu - arrived at Leigh on Sea free Folk festival, but they don't need any help until Sat as the main event is really Sunday, with only a few pub events on Thu & Fri nights ..got to find a place to camp.

- Thu - The Woodie Gutherie tribute night
- Fri : Walked around Hadleigh, & Canvey Island ..internet etc. Canvey Island is a lot of houses packed onto this Thames Island the museums were closed & the traffic jammed
- Sat : we set up in the park at the top of the hill (windy)... packed all the stuff up (One team with Alan Prior for the Folk Club stage, & a team from the Baptist church with the main stage)
- Sun : Set in the old town at the bottom of the hill. Using the old main stage for the Folk Club stage & using the truck as the main stage.
- Mon : Stayed over at Keith's & spent the morning driving around with Paddy finishing off the festival clean up.

- Fri thru to Monday : CHEERS GUYS Interesting to help out & meet all the volunteers at #LFF2012 Leigh On Sea Free Folk Festival, all packed up now

- It's not the gig it's the experience - I really did enjoy the festivals of Leamington & Leigh on Sea, but I can't say any of the music grabbed me ...to me it was more like album tracks rather than the exciting singles. However it was great to meet the other volunteers & hear about their lives, & great to work..with the thrill of the manual labour etc.

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Trip upto : Mersea Island & Ipswich

- Mon - set off to hitch to Mersea Island :

Not the destination, it's the Journey : Met some kind interesting people on a surprising easy hitch from Southend to Mersea Island. After Pat dropped me off I took the bus to Hullbridge, as the map marked a byeway across the river Crouch. However the ford only works at super low tide & there were no yachties to ferry me, so I walked across the fields to the Battesbridge road. Got a hitch through Battlesbridge (the Hay on Wye of Antiques village) all the way to Maldon with a Tracey Emin type artist, then a bloke went a bit extra to drop me on the Mersea road. Then a top of the range Land Rover driver owning a yacht supply company took me right to the harbour on the Island.

What the heck is that huge huge building across from the millionaires houses & West Mersea harbour ? is it a hotel or something ?

- The houseboat people told me it's the old nuclear power station.

Tue : Mersea - Walked from West Mersea to the burial mound, to East Mersea. Then used the dial-a-ferry to leave the Island to Brightlingsea.
- Actually I died in the night. As ever I tied the hammock to a sturdy tree, this time one of the 5 20cm thick trunk of a pollarded tree. Then right in the middle of the night a deer ran through me or someting. Actually what had happened was the whole trunk had snapped due to beetles etc. but the break was 90 degrees so it fell sideways & not on to me

Wed - Walked & hitched to Manningtree & onto Ipswich ....bought some new boots, my old ones never recovered from the rain on Snowdonia. Keith had recommended the Village Green Festival in Southend so I decided to contact them about volunteering.
- Ipswich was OK like a forgotten European market town like Bruges, but full of tattooed people & East Europeans.
- The non-commercial campsite costs £21 so I camped

Thu and then on the way back into town I met some people packing up from the Bicycle Ball. So I helped Frankie, John, Jon & Adam

- "would you like to use our washing machine ?"said Adam - cheers mate good call ..thanks for the hospitality ...about to hitch back to Southend, Chalkwell Park.

Fri - Hitching was a bit of a mess. I tried hitching from the beginning of London Road, but ended up having to walk 4 miles out of town, then later I missed the A130 turn so had a job to get across to Southend by slow slow bus.

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