PC635 Is There anything Interesting to do before I leave UK ?
Volunteer holidays

- Outside the developed countries one can travel & the hotels aren't ridiculously expensive, but here I have to use tricks like helping out in festivals where the accommodation is free.

- VOLUNTEER : NON GREEN - There's WWOOF & helpx.org , but I can't do that cos I don't believe in that Green idealism anymore

- National trust http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk has some search for one off... not immediately apparent cos can only search town by town -campsite managers etc

- waterways - not bad about £6 per day all year round ,, but often full

- do-it.org - biggest database but same problem limited to town by town search

- YHA - working parties in winter - volunteer calendar form

- Hathersage 19-21 st March Overlooked by Stanage, help refresh this hostel for the new season. Painting and gardening on the To Do list. 01433 650493 hathersage@yha.org.uk

- Beverley Friary 13-15 th April Be the first to see the newly refurbished friary. Help get the hostel ready to re-open. Please note dates could change. 01623 825794 sherwoodmanager@yha.org.uk

optimism Bias

- efestivals - can't find any

- I haven't found much interesting stuff .. i might have to start scanning events listings town by town.


- It's bizarre that no country is more difficult to live in. The weather is terrible & there's not much to do. I will have left the country by the summer cos I can't stand all the olympics & European cup hype.

- In this upside down world, nothing is more complicated than in my home country. It's almost impossible to go anywhere or speak to anyone, cos either transport & accommodation is incredibly expensive or non existant. This village isn't like Malaysia there is no bus or train to use.

- To me it's all rather boring unless there is something novel like something special like an interesting festival so I looked for them.

Festival Ideas
- I searched for events happening in the UK. Music festivals are no good anymore cos most are commercial rip-offs these days ... so I looked for Science Festivals & Mind, Ideas, Brain, & thinking festivals

-Science Festivals
Mostly listed on the British Council website, the Galilleo site is supposed to list EU science festivals - not good list really
- European Science Events, check the update file
- britishscienceassociation used to be good list, but nothing comes up on the word festival

- Edinburgh International Science Festival 30 march 15th april Wed 4th
Only a couple of interesting things for adults :EDINBURGH’S MATHEMATICAL walk, THURSDAY 5 APRIL SPOTLIGHT ON: THE SCIENCE OF ARCHAEOLOGY, AT THE FRINGE OF REASON, Using science to evaluate myth, 9-13 April • 8pm (1 hour)

- March +April : Cambridge Uni SF it might have some podcasts later, it's almost all for schoolkids ..They is Cambridge SF end of April

- Durham University Schools' Science Festival 2012 will be held from Tuesday 27th March to Thursday 29th March,

- Cheltenham Science 2012 Festival dates: 12 - 17 June

- ESRC Festival of Social Science - odd events scattered throughout country

- Glasgow Science Festival 5th - 17th June 2012

- Wrexham Science Festival Thursday 14th to Friday 22nd July 2011 maybe no 2012

- British Science Festival Aberdeen From 4th Sep 2012 to 9th Sep 2012

Skeptics Events

- 6th World Skeptics Congress From May 18th to May 20th 2012. In Berlin, strangely enough.
- http://www.worldskeptics.org./program May - not many events very expensive €110 per day

- SHEFFIELD Monday, March 19 2012 at 7:30PM Fringe Historical Linguistics
Non-Standard Theories Of The History Of Languages When?
Showroom Cafe/Bar Showroom & Workstation, 15 Paternoster Row, Sheffield, S1 2BX

- March 15 2012 - Thinking Meat: Understanding brain and mind - Tom Stafford http://mindhacks.com

Humanist Events

http://www.the-brights.net/forums/forum/ no events
- Humanist Week 2010 21st-27th June
- http://www.questival.org.uk/ august camp
- http://www.the-brights.net/

Festivals of Ideas, Mind etc.
- Bristol Fest of Ideas supposed to be in May, but only lists 1 event per week from now in bookshops

- York Festival of Ideas 2012 14th — 30th June 2012 - no programmed yet

- 20–30 September 2012 The Festival of the Mind will be a collaboration between the City and the University of Sheffield.

- The University of Cambridge Festival of Ideas - Dates for the 2012 Festival: 24 October - 4 November

- Battle of Ideas 2011 30 Oct 2011

- Sweden SE/International Science Festival Göteborg 16-04-12

IT/Festival della Scienza (Genoa Science Festival) 25-10-12

- Ireland Nationwide Discover Science & Engineering Week 11.11.2012 18.11.201

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