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My Region has Social Poverty
- Strange thing went to see the "show" in the Village Hall last Friday, a singer & comedian. How many people do you think were there ? ... 18 in a village of 3500
- We walked in & the tables were set out cabaret style, so we could tell there wasn't going to be 100 people. I counted 28 people, but 4 of them were in the crew, & there was a table of the comedian's family, and another table of the singer's family. So that made 18 customers. Except me & Dad hadn't paid as we had been given free tickets by the neighbour as the council had sent them to him. Another table was the people from the post office so they probably got free tickets when they put the poster up.

- I do think it's important to support the local events so I was thinking of going, if the ticket is £3 or £4 I can take a risk but this show was priced at £8 & that's half what I spend on food in an entire week since it's so cheap in this area.
- I only just come to realise that my home home area has for the last 40 years suffered this bizarre social poverty & I never realised that when I was growing up.
- This village is not small enough to have that community atmosphere where everyone joins in with events. Nor is it big enough to have transport links these days to other towns. People who grew up in metropolitan areas can get to many different events. But this area sits like an island on one side of the country. Almost all the public transport has closed in the last 40 years as everyone got cars. When my mother was a child there was transport to 3 towns Scunthorpe, Cleethorpes and Lincoln, but then they closed the station and the most services so all that remains are 3 daytime services to Scunthorpe. So you can't get out the village in the evening. 40 years ago you could a cheap train to Cleethorpes & comeback after midnight there's no way anyone can do that now. You have to drive to a town, but since social attitudes have changed and it's no longer acceptable to drink and drive.
It seems like most families all drive to work in the morning, drive home & spend evenings sitting in front of satellite TV. Then when they go on holiday abroad they can spend every night going out & then come back and not go out for 3-4 months. There is a village pub, but it's expensive these days. If 2 people went there they'd spend in 1 night what they'd spend normally on food in a week. I think
- You'd think people would go to events at the village hall, as you can take your own beer. But the things is instead of having regular events they have 1 mediocre event every now & then so it seems there is no momentum ..obviously not many people thought of coming to that Friday show .. but then it was the Friday 2 nights before Chrsitmas so a lot of people would have travelled or been busy with other things.

- I swear you wouldn't think there are 3500 people here as apart from outside the school at 3.30pm the only people you ever see in the streets are the odd pensioner walking their dog. People are so private I have never known any person except my sister or my 2aunts & 2 uncles have ever been inside my parents house. My mother has 2 village living in the same village, but when they came around with Christmas cards they did excatly the same as the neighbours, just putting them through the letterbox without even knocking on the door to even say hello.
- It's weird in countries where I don't speak the language like Albania, Nepa or Korea I speak to more people everyday than I do here in my home area.
- Capital cities are not friendly, but if I am in London or Edinburgh, Singapore etc. I can go to 3-4 events every week.
Strange perspective on BBC Radio Lincolnshire this morning
- some people said "Christmas was so much hard work, and I'm glad it all over now"
.."all the stress of shopping, wrapping, cooking the turkey etc." and I am thinking
- 1. Christmas doesn't end on Dec 27th (Judy Theobald's prog said traditionally people used to work until 25th and then have open house until end of January)
- 2. Christmas isn't hard work ..They've made a rod for their own back. They've bought into an idea of Christmas, conformed & think everyone is so so grateful. Whereas many of us just couldn't give a toss ..theyve slaved to make a turkey, but their kids would've been happy eating toast.. Me I ignore Christmas, no stress & didn't even spend £5

PS Boxing Day : probably named for the fact that after 24 hours the kids are "boxing" ie got bored with their new toys & are playing with the boxes

Scunthorpe Politicians must be corrupt
- in approving planning permission for M & S
- Why would anybody support special planning permission for a greenfield outof town MS mall, when they pulled out of Scunthorpe 2 years ago cos they said they didn't have enough customers. Esprcially since traffic on that road is already a disaster.

- Top tip for PR agencies if you want to maintain credibility don't post 6 times in favour of MS as soon soon as the planning decision was made ..it's too obvious

- Not great business by MS to close for a year and let customers get used to shopping elsewhere do you really think they'll come rushing back. 300 jobs ? minus the those lost when MS closed, minus garden Centre jobs, minus downtown jobs, plus many jobs fixing traffic chaos
- Somebody will do when the land is sold on

- Clever to use a petition with the question"Will you welcome M & S back ?", which didn't mention the location.
- 300 jobs ? minus the those lost when MS closed, minus garden centre jobs, minus downtown jobs, plus many jobs fixing traffic chaos
- Not great business by MS to close for a year and let customers get used to shopping elsewhere do you really think they'll come rushing back ?
- Somebody will do well when the land is sold on
- Yesterday the Mary Portas report concluded that out of town should generally not be approved

- Discover Greater Lincolnshire Weekend. The lady from Visit Lincolnshire was on the Rod Whiting show this morning explaining how many Lincolnshire attractions will have free entry in early March (seems 10 Mar 2012 to 11 Mar 2012 from Castle website http://www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/EventsDetails.aspx?eventcode=62478
- Although the http://www.visitlincolnshire.com/events/festivals/discover-lincolnshire-weekend website hasn't yet been updated)
- So if you like to save money mark it in your diary as the days to have your friends from outside Lincolnshire come over so you can show them some of the interesting things in the county.

GREAT no flu today

- GREAT no flu today...not blocked up anymore.. after 5 days which wasn't too bad due to Flu tablets. As soon as it started I started taking a tablet every 8 hours, : no soar, throat, no snot etc Must have been heavy flu, cos I had to up the dose to one tablet every 6 hours. Could it be that our immune systems over-reaction to flu increases over life ? I never used to get it at all before 28
I thought it was over yesterday, but at lunchtime I still had to take an aspirin & when I tried to shovel the snow I was knackered after 5 mins, maybe some plegm in my lungs, but today I seem a 100% OK.

- Interesting : stoops : 17th century guide stone signposts in Peak district

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