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Mon 10th - Brigg again - Dentist

- In the UK there are 3 Dental systems 1. Private : and you pay a fortune 2. Health service : where you pay a government price 3. Health Service : for people on benefit where the governement pays almost all the cost. In my area I have not been to the dentist for 5-6 years, because it's always been impossible to find a dentist who will register ne patients. First the dentists would not accept Health service patients cos the subsidy wasn't big enough, but secondly they wouldn't accept new private patients, the UK has a massive shortage of dentists and because my a region is unfashionable dentists don't want to live here,

- Now the government has changed the law .. to have the right to register private patients dentists must first register a certain number of Health Service patients.

- Dentist : 3 visits of total 2.5 hours guess how much that costs in the UK ? Go on guess.

- I knew my teeth are in a real bad state, fillings have fallen out and I knew I could afford a dentist in Italy or Switzerland so that was one reason to come back to the UK. Here I haven't seen a dentist here for 5-6 years, even if I could afford the astronomical private cost it has always been impossible to find a dentist in my area, but now the rules have changed so I went for a checkup £17. and sure the dentist analysis was even worse than I expected ..descaling, 2 removals 3 amalgam fillings, 3 other fillings ..needs 2 1 hour visits. My god how much is all that lot going to cost ? ..I imagined getting it done in India..

- Then he told me the cost ... Total materials X-rays etc. £30 ..I said "are you sure ..he gave me the computerised bill.. that is unbelievably cheap .. it's actually cheaper than India .. I guess that to function the dental surgery must be charging the foreign trainee dentists for work experience or something. .. ! appointment next week , but then the dentist is on holiday so got to wait another 10 days for the final appointment.

Dragons Den ..Scams

- 1. seems contestants lie in the same way that people lie on their CV

- 2. It seems it's normal on Dragon's Den for people to use an idea that is quite useful ,but not amazingly unique and then hype it up and sell it for an outrageous price ... wait until the public find they can get 80% cheaper somewhere else ..more on the Irrational_world blog

Save expensive salary costs by auctioning jobs

-celebrity presenter ridiculously inflated salaries, same for managers in NHS and local governmet get them to bid for their jobs ..see ideas blog

You get the best news THEY buy as most news stories come from PR agencies.

.... and lobby groups (politics, companies, pressure groups, SIGs etc.) see more on the Irrational_world blog

ROSPA prefer 20mph zones

- " 20mph zones significantly decrease the risk of being injured in a collision and their greater use, especially in residential areas, would help to reduce the number of traffic injuries in the UK"
- http://www.rospa.com/roadsafety/advice/highway/info/20-mph-zone-factsheet.pdf

3 weeks or more could be an early sign of throat cancer.

- Finding it early makes it treatable and could save your life. www.getitchecked.co.uk

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