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My question on Radio 4
: (every product should have a "price of disposal tag on it so we can buy wisely, instead of thinking disposal costs nothing. (it's said the landfill tax has helped reduce waste) my voice sounds really weird .. probably cos I don't speak English everyday ..their answer was wet rather than satisfactory..

- the following week someone followed up suggesting taxing takefood boxes etc which are commonly thrown out of the car window freely link

strange - How come our local shopping areas at least 50% of the commercial premises are not proper shops at all, but rather empty or charity shops .. I can only think that in places like Italy
Idea - 2,4,6,8 Shop £2, £4, £6, £8 shop

Thu - Ashby
- still tired ... end of walk I was so tired... but still haven't had a proper sleep for 3 weeks .. my dreams are too intense, so "the processor overheats" and I wake up 5am or something

Fri - Brigg

Sat - Scunthorpe

- I see that North Lincolnshire Council have created a new indoor shopping mall right downtown for next to nothing. The old market was basically killed by people driving to the huge Sunday market at Hemswell and it became a dull unused place as 70% of the stalls closed, but after years of neglect the council have really improved the place by painting the floor bright blue, turning the light up and putting in a bandstand exhibition area .. it's not finished yet as with still many empty stalls it's not got such a buzzing atmosphere.

- They have also done a good job with Scunthorpe museum aswell, the clear explanations and the technique of boarding to turn large rooms into snaking corridors so there is a clear route and they can get more displays into the space

- Excess Baggage said Town in southern Lazio http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Campodimele has long lived people .. turns out to be far inland from anywhere I went

2011 shopping here cheap as ever..
Just bought 800g Loaf of bread for 23p at Tesco ..see how cheap England is compare to Italy ..well wine is now £1 more expensive here due to extra taxes to stop alcohol problems ..so I bought 2 litres of apple beer for £1.35 .. it's a depressed town 25% of shop buildings are either closed or being used as charity shops... saved money, but it took me 6 hours cos of travel etc. last year 2010 same thing

.. people often complain when I say things are expensive in Italy or Switz some incredibly expensive ..
people often complain when I say things are expensive in Italy or Switz , but my God they are often 5 times the price of stuff here 4 hours ago
.. It's strange maybe the money is less spread in Italy so there are enough middle class people to support fancy shops.. as I say here 25% of shop buildings are either closed or being used as charity shops, so shops have to sell cheap to stay alive .. The few middle class people here probably drive 30Km to a city to shop

Sun - Kirton Edwardian day
- They got £1m to convert the Townhall into a community centre and it costs £30,000 a year to run ..the village has less than 3000 people so those costs sound ridiculous ..one building when you could build 8 full size houses for the same price.

Ideas -

Radio 4 plus Brain radio ..who needs university ..radio that makes you think
need to redesign radio webpage
1- supermarket noticeboards ... need rethinking *** see secret blog
2 - timeshare the Humberbridge ..maybe companies could sponsor the day and charge reduced tools and give their own pubicity and parties etc .. more on pc502.htm

4 - Greeks i. hey Mr Average Greek does the amount you pay in tax really cover free schools, hospitals and pensions etc ? no it does so cut or pay ii. but 2nd part the Euro family does owe something to Greece. Yes Greek governments have over borrowed, but if they had kept the Drachma they would have borred in Drachma so 20Bn Drachma debt would have been say $10Bn but over time the Drachma could have devalued to make the debt $5Bn stuck with the Euro a €20bn debt stays $22bn

Mon - Brigg
Had to go for blood test
Ideas -

- There should be a prize or award for exposing waste and inefficiency
- Sam Adams Alliance’s 2010 Government Watchdog Award podcasts strangely no web

"integrity' award" for journalists

- There are 4 blogs ... this one travel and then I eventually edit and filter off material into opinion bog, ideas blog, Irrational World Blog .. but editing can get delayed a long time.

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