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N. Lincs
Mum and dad and their VW Camper
UK Links to check
2002 UK pages links
2004 UK pages links http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/science/thematerialworld.shtml, pocket PC repairs
Fabian soc - ? http://www.fabian-society.org.uk/int.asp
interactive theatre - ?
Humanists - http://www.humanism.org.uk no list of interesting events
http://www.tntmag.co.uk - no interesting jobs but worth looking
http://www.walden.org - should visit when in US
http://www.h2g2.com - interesting reference site
Geocities.com/ozrainbow interesting
www.prwatch.org Www.indymedia.org
check news radio website for Ilor search
Guilfin is now dead
http://www.realchangenews.org/issue/current/index.html - interesting Seattle "Big Issue"
http://www.ru.org/aboutus.html - too hippy mag ?
Www.vinet.au/~ozideas no
http://www.peaceoneday.org/ (not v interesting),
Www.red-duck.org no
WWW.disinfo.com slow
http://www.gpgp.net - great guinea pig site
Ethical soc - events etc http://www.ethicalsoc.org.uk/conway/hall.htm

check NSS, Mensa, brights etc, schnews, BBC correspondent,
http://www.humanists.freeserve.co.uk/ , http://www.infidelguy.com/
Learn to play guitar, Operational research, Play Bridge ?


A Word in Your Ear, pick of the week, Broadcasting House, Hecklers, Dr Carl on R5 Up All Night
Film 4 mostly boring even the classic films, books are better
Crazy World
Still trying to adjust to the UK after Russia
What a bloody world : there is so much crap : Endless big brother, people whinging about Blair, people going on about sport celebrities etc, making programmes out of old problems, stretching it out, endless celebs going on, 99% crap . Such a variety of things it's difficult to figure things out

Advertsising masquerading as News - what's all that going on about that "Snakes in a Plane" film

First of all to make good decisions you :
PERSPECTIVE ..setting which thing is more important
TRUTH ... sure information to start off with, not intuition
LOGIC .. rational decision making process and

It's good to be skeptical and rational Freethinkers.org links

Incidentally I have been reading Voodoo Science - blows a lot of wacky science theories out of the water - stresses the importance of real science instead of the media giving credibility to wacky theories more

Important things
  • Treasure hunts
  • Alternative cabaret, Tic Toc Etc
  • Drama games
  • Good drama - Hitch Hikers Guide
  • Informative documentaries
  • Exploring
  • Good books like - Tom Sharpe
  • Good energetic music
  • Lateral thinking
  • Festivals always disappointing
  • Travelling in Benelux, France etc
  • radio
  • Squash, play tennis

For something not .. but my disliking so many things doesn't help.

Channel 4 TV What makes us human ? - 1. humans have big heads and therfore big brains
2. Copy - Human behaviour is based on copying. On the news we see people doing bad things, so some people copy them suicide, suicide bombers. suicide bombers learn from copying. Maybe, but surely then we should have more positive examples on the News. But surely sometimes people sometimes learn not to do some things from the news. Show people driving dangerously, and some people correct their mistakes. So it's a conflict between logic and copy.

Viral marketing : give product to trendy person then others will buy it.


End of Summer after 4 weeks !

I didn't go anywhere last weekend cos as well as travel being difficult from here rain was predicted. The temperature has dropped below 20C, but the weather forecast isn't always accurate.

Weekend Aug 19th I was thinking of going to the Smallworld Festival 30Km away, but I didn't want to camp in wet weather so I didn't go on Friday or Saturday. On Sunday the weather forecast was for rain and my sister Liz came to visit.
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