11. Madrid ..Hot and Dry ..Visit Vilma´s sister 23/8/96

17 Sat - arrived in Madrid ..Yes very Latin noisy,hot and dry with immediate signs of con artists and beggars. We were lucky to find some people wo advised the best way to get to Vilma´s sister´s. We got there easily and found Berkis and her husband Fernando at home in the suburban town of Pinto.
18 Sun - We went into the Madrid with Fernando and Berkis. First to the huge Sunday market "El Rastro" and then pic-niced in the central park El Retiro. Where we saw the street theatre, tarot card readers, palmists, and the fat fish jumping for food. Afterwards we went to visit Sandra Fernando´s Columbian friend and then Jermaine´s family, an old "course-mate" of Vilma.
19 Mon - Me and Vilma went to Madrid again to talk to Amex...Then wander around pic nic. Look at the outside of the Palace Real (it was too expensive to go in). Then to the expensive Cibercafe. (WE got an e-mail from Vilma´s friend Hilda) .Fernando and Bergis are looking after us very well and spoiling us with food. !
20 Tue - We set off to do the washing in a nearby town but the ,bus never came so we just walked around a litle. Fernando and Vilma made me a special chocolate birthday cake.
21 Wed - Most public monuments are free to EU citizens on Wednesdays so the 4 of us took the train north to the huge summer palace and monastry "El Escorial". It was quite interesting, but I find museums a little tedious.. At leat it was a little cooler than Madrid. The Spaniards are certainly great architects and Madrid has the best train and Metro systemof any city I have visited..and cheap !
22 Thu - Again we set off to do the washing, but the laundrette turned out to be only industrial . So we ended up lugging everything to Madrid. We could´t find the Cybercafe in San Bernardo. We had to pay extra money to Amex as the problem hasn´t been sorted out yet. We just relaxed in the park a bit.
23 Fri - Vilmas tired so I went into Madrid alne to check the noticeboard for jobs. Then I went out to Franco´s old palace the Pardo (it was too expensive to go in). I was lucky to find the net cafe (81 San Bernardo) Free access only pay for drinks ...thats why I´m busy typing.
NEXT - Maybe We´ll all vist Segovia with Jermaine and his family.....I´m not to keen on Spain as I feel lost trying to learn Spanish ..I have no inclination to. Madrid will be too cold.. So I would like to visit Portugal to find a good place to work ...but Vilma needs a visa and is worried about not having enough money.. We may visit more tourist sights near Madrid Aranjuez, Toledo and the Don Quixiote´s Windmills at Consuegra.
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