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1996 Singapore, Malaysia - Working as an internet instructor and model see the photos , and some tips for you
<----- nothing is allowed in Singapore

1995-96 Brunei, Australia (West), Brunei, postcard a million apples, hippies, cutting cauliflowers, I never want to go on another rollercoaster !
.. WA (West Australia) Tips for you

1995-96 (London) : working with the internet

1994-95 Caribbean and teaching English in Venezuela
1994 : California USA , doing old peoples gardens, hitching from coast to coast, getting everything stolen, The Grateful Dead phenomenon
1993-94 Hong Kong Working as a movie extra and in the funfair, travelling in China, bribing in Vietnam
1994 Picnic on the Great wall of China ---- >
1994 Picnic on the Great wall of China

1992-93 : Japan (one of the most interesting places , because the culture is so deeply different and the people are so kind) living with a Japanese family and working as an English Teacher, bar host, Father Christmas

There are 5000 ethnic groups living in 196 countries

Travelling : Taiwan (kind people), Philippenes (I hate it) , Indonesia (36 hours on the deck of a dhow in a monsoon !, the beautiful Bali ) , Sri Lanka (overcharging everywhere) and India. (fascinating and infuriating) The Temple of Tirrupati, the amzing Holy City of Varanasi, staying in the Golden Temple, the hot summer winds

1991-2 : Africa (South East) : Living in South Africa, started a plastics business and saved enough money to travel around the whole of East Africa, staying with the witch doctors, hitchiked with a 1 tonnne rock , had to sell my clothes,took the dhow to Kenya ..Africa-ed out

1991 The Big Trip the - Middle East, Central Europe Scandinavia ..Eastern Europe .. the cave cities of Turkey, the kindness of Syria, hot waterfalls, Dahab, Luxor, Jerusalem (the world's most fascinating city) , Yugoslavia (during the war) , no money and no passport !

1990-91 : France, Spain : "I'm into boys" , said the robber ! (..details ), Portugal , stranded in Morocco by the Gulf war, Tenerife ..working ..chucking people into the disco and for the timeshare Mafia

<--- Me on the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris

1988-9 World Trip - Some notes about the trip to the USA, Canada,
30 jobs including ..sitting in a Jacuzzi to test sunscream, having my brain scanned, cleaning the King of Afghanistans carpets, being an election observer
New Zealand (kind people), Australia : working selling plastic bags, hitching in the desert, putting my arm inside a giant clam, and South Asia : staying with a man and his 4 wives, hitching in a giant police lorry, trekking the tribes and opium dens with my own personal guide

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