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Freestay Traveller's Networks To get the best from your travel experience you have have to travel close to the ground. If you stay in the Hilton you don't know what country you are staying in. I have always recommended hitching ( and homestay programs like WWOOF get you into peoples homes and experience the real culture.
These new websites are some of the best travel things I have discovered. Travellers sharing their spare beds with foreign visitors. A good example of peer to peer networking. Link up with other teachers and travellers and stay for free
- claims to be the best the largest online hospitality exchange organization!
- In my experience the best cos 1. you can see details of peoples profiles easily 2. it has a good comments system so you can see how people are rated
- . Now ahead of HC, cos sexier layout and good forums (cos tightly controlled), nice map function Disdvantage can only search, whereas HC has directory by region, city etc prioritising active

- * update 2013 There were significant changes ..the introduction of OPEN COUCH REQUESTS informs local people , so you don't have to trawl through many many hosts
- 2012 Major changes made many old CSers uphappy .. they deleted the Wiki (some started another at, and they tried to intergrate the groups into PLACES pages however they rowed back on many changes and there is an option called "classic view"
- Many Csers switched to, but is miniscule compared to CS members.

also check Volunteer Stay
- Workcamps VFP
- WWOOFing on organic farms
- UN volunteer site quite good
- Help Exchange

- DETAIL More homestay tips

: 1. hostel booking websites insert themselves between you the customer and the hostel and charge a booking fee (or higher price), so contact the hostel direct.

2. Hostel Booking sites do sometimes have some promotional prices lower than you pay at the door, so do check them first and then at the door tell the hostel you want the promotional price, that way you get the low price without paying a booking fee or commission.

Country Research

- Excess Baggage from BBC Radio good archive (In 2011 crazy BBC axed this show)
- Travellers Network Tips site for Asia & South America
- Lonely Planet details of tourist highlights and travellers tips on the thorntree, and postcards for each country with travel tips.
Other guidebooks also have their own noticecboards see,

- best direct or budget airlines (Tool for finding out which budget airlines leave a city) doesn't work anymore
.. but or UK see
- Otherwise the cheapest place to get tickets is from agents, except for East European airlines
- Best UK agents are the phone booking places like some places in Croydon
Try Cheapest flights sites on the internet are constantly changing, but this is one of the best
Famous sites like and, Trailfinders are rarely the cheapest., sometimes good
- Harvey recommends not perfect
- used to be great, but no longer functions

from the Observer Aug 2008
- -

- WORLD Malaria map these always oversate the for normal tourists most of India is safe (the risk is forpeople constantly living in slums)

STOP FILLING PEOPLES INBOXES with photos...I prefer to use my own website over blogs or Facebook, cos of archiving. But the Blog sites are easy to use Google has, with it's easy photo upload tool Picasa which autoresizes photos (just click "blog this")
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