Street Theatre at Singapore 96 Festival

REVIEWS singapore arts Fest Bobarino Gravi Hini - USA- Juggler -balanced a wheelbarrow on his head and a lassoo around his ankle whilst he juggled with his mouth Utungun Percussion Australia - drum group good hippy ethnic type freestyling Batacuda Australia - drum group colourul, great showmanship , drumming with fire and with firesticks, ended with an impromptu procession around Circle Quay drumming on everything in sight..litterbins and fairground rides Cycleau Le Clown OK for kids the clown with an enviromental attitude The Men Wo Knew Too Much (Zen Cowboys) - comic situation acting Lots of Drama ,but high on the weirdness factor, aprt from being weird it wasn't very entertaining Le Cube -World Trade Center Augusto Boal - interesting Brazillian Theater ......................................................... sorrz the rest got deleted Sg Actors Tommy Soo - The Body Politic (Theatre Studies Prod) Roy Varghese (Kerala) - Name Cards G Sivakkumaran - The Private Ear Public Eye (NUS Theatre Ensemble) by Peter Schaffer Death Of A Salesman - by Arthur Miller synopsis - slowmoving heavy story of a failing salesman (it's not like the old days) he cracksup and commits suicide -To me it's a comment on the American Dream - for the majority it's BS, overoptomistic, unatainable leads, the BS of sales