620b Speaking to Jonas's students back in Switzerland

Thu - - I got up at 5.30 to get a train from Mulhouse to Basel using a Triregeo 3 country train ticket. Then I met Jonas and his sister and took train to village school. It was a middle school and I was to give a 2 hour lecture to 2 clases of 15 year olds

Disaster - no ..not too many disasters in Switzerland..but notice how the class clock runs backwards so I thought I had a lot of time remaining when in fact the class was just ending
- oh and when I asked them to guess my age most said 55

Impressionante : - everything in that school was pretty much perfect and high tech ..so much easier to work in than the schools in Serbia or even Italy

Met all the students and teachers
Strange - The class begins with the teacher shaking the hands of all the students ... wow English teachers aren't allowed to touch their students... I suppose it so the teachers build good relationships with the students

- I think the class went OK, though if it hadn't been such an early start I would have had more time to prepare the classroom etc

Tip - I'd wish I'd had time to remember to bring the students chairs photos so they could see the photos better

- The teachers suggested I visit the county capital Aargau after the school, but since is out of the travel zone I explored Frick first. Then I decided to take the train to explore Rheinfelden.

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