716 walking central island

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Hmm it took a lot of effort for that photo and I am not sure if it is worth it .
2 points about the photo
1. Although the photo looks good, I would say most walking in Madeira is not good *
2. Madeira seems actually to be a natue disaster (you rarely see animals or birds and the vegetation is often 'wrong' with lots of bushy stuff like gorse, dead trees and imported eucalyptus .. New Zealand has the same problem, but the tourists only realise how much of it's nature is not natural when they do some research.)

* I would not recommend that particular walk as you can get a simar experience much easier.
- that walk was too dammed up and down and ended a 3 hour samey decent 1000m dwown thru boring eucalyptus forest.
- It was the fault of my planning, I picked the shortest routes on the map whereas in Madeira the rule is "pick the routes with the tunnels" cos s they end up being much easier.
- I was walking east along the central ridge line, but if you come by car from the east direct to Pico Areeiro you get those big mountain views strange out of the car. Then is not an easy walk along the ridge to Pico Ruivo, but the up and down is lessened by tunnels, whereas for me coming the opposite way there were masses of up and down steps. However from Pico Ruivo there is no easy exit which is a second prolem with Madeira walks that you end up walking back the same way. Coming from the west I had already decided I didn't want to walk the full 20Km of samey ridgeline, but I didn't even walk to Pico Ruivo as it meant walking more upand down.

- Sunday Carlos had dropped me of at the path to Pico Ruivo da Paul another viewpoint not sae as other Pico Ruivo),that was OK for a view down to Sao Vicente, then walked 3Km to thr Bica de Cana, but picked a short route which dropped me down into a canyon and then back up up for agesto get out. Like it was 9pm as I came along the road into Encumeada.
Strange thing is that road that I thought was a road across the backbone of the island has obviously been closed for many months at that end due to old land slides.

- Strangely then Encumeada was all in the cloud , as it is a wide pass between the north and south of the island the cloud flows up the valley from te north sea. Ideally I would have camped there, but due to the cloud I decended 600m past the Lombo Chao (Laurel forest).
- I was in the hammock when some strange animal tried twice to run away with my water bottle in it's mouth. Cut through the cap with it's teeth so I guess a pocupine, badger or large rat.
- Next day I first had to walk back up to Encumeada sot it was 4.30pm before I got 8Km along the ridge to the drop down at Torrindos into Curral.

taller map

Life of one step forward, one step back
Thursday, my phablet chargers stopped working again
... seems the cable gets twisted over time so at the connector end the data wire is touching the negative.
Friday - twist the cablesback together it works, but temporary fix
.. eventually found a solder place the guys at Canico www.electrocanico.com did a neat job in 3 mins for 3
..... so now forward one step back to zero
...still got to find a permanent fix for the screen becoming super brigh called 'lifting' due to weakening of smartphone screen contacts, over time ..still one step back on that


*The vikings were here in Madeira ?
- mouse remains found in Ponta San Lourenco date from 10th century and have same dna as Scandinavian varieties

many commenters are upset about that but it seems likely to me that Portuguese poitics has always covered up evidence that Africans, Arabs and who-ever were here before them.


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