715 Exposing Telexfree scam

I explain the TelexFree Pyramid fever

Estreito Carnaval

Telexfree was mentioned in the Eistreito carnaval

Some one dressed as Dona Branca the "peoples banker" , turns out everyone should know Telexfree is a scam, cos it happened before ..There was an old TV novel based on the life of Dona Branca who ran a 1970s scheme ..that was the only time I saw someone else demonstrate negatively against TF ..contrary to magnitudes more occasions of people hyping it

Some one else dressed as a white elephant or elephant in the room ..I am not sure if that was about political corruption or what

Me in the Funchal Carnaval

That Dona Branca didn't seem to be exactly condeming TF, I decided to be more direct.. I joined the carnaval procession dressed as a duck .."if it quacks like a duck , if it acts like a ponzi scheme !"
..And I also gave out fake $million dollar bills

One of my posters said ..the bigger the balloon gets the bigger the bang when it bursts

Festa Compadre

Telexfree was also mentioned quite a lot in the Santana Festa de Compadre

Other interesting at Festa Compadre

Funny huge woman costume is somewhat of the tradional leader of the procession

Interesting to see the RC hexacopter used for filming the crowds

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