713 Places in Madeira

Photos Jan 2014

- Jan 5th midnight People go around outside friends houses singing the Tres Reis ..This is a group in Camara los Lobos

Downtown Funchal ..this must be one of the last old wooden buildings ..hidden away downtown ..but sadly uncared for

monstera deliciosa, strange fruite with a flavour of jackfruit and banana..but beware the itchy brown spines which can stick at the back of your throat

A tangy leaf that Olga showed me

Bargain Businesses

- Most things are expensive, but I found some good bargain places
- place of my bargain fruitman

tapas (known as dentina ..thoothpick food usually come free with your drink in Madeira)
- in Canico I know a place where wine is 50C and dentina is great like potato, veg & chicken

Hidden away north of Continente supermarket sell chips for 1

Hotel Sirius ..happy hour until 8pm ..beer 50c

..and good tapas

Look carefully and you can find gallon, a large coffee for 50c



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