712 : Walk Around Outside of Madeira Island

Fri- Walk 3 out of Funchal into Levada Curral

( I actually started my walk in Funchal Estadio dos Barrios, along the levada to Quebradas, along the flatish Levada do Curral through it's route through tunnels as it clings to the valley wall. To in 3 hours the view of Faja the abandoned village and where small waterfalls come down onto the path. Then as that path is "impassable" I backtracked 1 hour up out of the valley to the road where the Curral bus passes)

The Levada do Curral

Looking down onto Faja

I didn't bother with a bus down from Eira, I just walked down the traditional cobbled path steps on the east side of the car park and was in Curral in 45 minutes.
- The main thing about Curral is the view down to it, it isn't actually a very interesting village otherwise.
- Weekdays there are frequent buses into Funchal and the last one is very late.

- I actually walked further down and across the other side of the valley. Then south to the end of the road where a path leads up to the Boca dos Namarados viewpoint and forest park in 3 hours total.. the path down further an hour took me to a village with the bus down into Estreito then Lobos, then Funchal.

Looking back down towards Curral from Bocas dos Namarados

Sat - Walk 3 out of Curral via Boca dos Namorados

- Actually Curral de Freixas is not very interesting. There's nothing to see there, it's all about the view down to it. So I saw a walk in the book that comes from the other side on the west of the valley so I decided to exit that way. Following it took me to the bottom of the valley, then along valley south to the last village @5pm to pick up the steep path to Pico Cedro 550m above. Strangely I met the Czech CSers who were coming down. I charged up cos darkness coming.
Then up another 150m to Boca dos Namorados, arriving at just full darkness 6.35pm. Camped, not good sleep..air not fresh.. methane from forest floor ?

Sun - walked down to Esteila - the church has a bar! The kind people thete topped me up with free wine.. I decided to come back to Funchal youth hostel so I could leave some stuff.. I was completely tired from hiking it all up to Boca Dos Namarodas

Bridges to Nowhere after EU money ran out


Looking down on Jardim_do_Mar

I abandoned walking the windy levadas sometimes in favour of more direct walking along the new highways and abandoned tunnels

Masses of dying trees ..I suspect blight helped by soil being very shallow and the mass planting of Eucalyptus and general ecological disaster ..similar to New Zealand.
- Others said it was just the fires...

Porto Moniz

Looking down from above

Pig Killing day at the village


Camping in a barn

A local arist, who like many Madeirans used to live in Venezuela..she invited me in to her cafe and showed me her paintings


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