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The Practice It is better, but also not as good as hotels
1. It can take a lot of planning to search through the profiles and make contact with people, but hotels are easy you just turn up
2. It can be free, but then you can spend a lot of money if the host likes expensive things
3. You can waste a lot of time staying with people, among other things hotels have good locations, hosts can be way in the suburbs.
4. It's difficult to find compatible hosts - most people seems to be into food, which I am not. Also most peoples profiles are not detailed enough to see if you are compatible or not..
5. When it works it can be great

Other networking research - I tried to hook up with people through internet networking sites, but I didn't find great site. The marketing people have some annoying tricks. Seems difficult to connect with people. I guess I'll just have to meet people randomly.
Some friendship networks 3000 people in Japan didn't find people in kyushu difficult to search.
they don't give details of peoples personalities when you do a search
  • joined no people found
  • by google
  • joined joined no people found
  • japan not big
  • -- not very seachable by name
  • free telephone
  • MSN Spaces,
  • full listing on yahooo full details of providers

First 2 are OK seems OK, many people, but most not enough detail for over 40s, free membership for overseas hosts; people pay $15, $20 per night fee only 7 places in Japan
homestayweb limited countries clunky notmany people 6 month member waste of time
stay4free.comneed java joined clunky have to specify city no search available yet joined to test
There is always SERVAS, but I never joined. I didn't realise you don't need to own a house to join

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