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Turkish you already know mostly phonetic spelling

moedani - square like medan in Arabic
Goodbye! Allahasmarladk!
Görüşürüz! .. See you!
Nasılsınız? .. How are you? (formal)
İsminiz? .. What's your name? (formal)
Görüşürüz! .. What's your name? (formal)

Güle güle - Said by those staying
"c" is pronounced "j"c jam ..
ç = charm
i = E tea

ü = oo fruit
ö =ur turd
ı not dot =e ğ is in most cases a silent letter.

Eyvallah - Has two more meanings: Thanks (with gratitude)
..goodbye for now

kedi cat
adam= MAN but ev= HOUSE
no baby = bebek yok
öğretmen = A teacher
- when = ne zaman
oda = room
okul = school
Yok çocuk A child

Bu okul This school

Şu okul That school

O masa That table
Make IS by suffix
O bir okuldur. That is a school.
O bır öğretmendir

Ending depends the vowel
ev e i = dir
öğrenci i i = dir
göz ö ü = dür
gül ü ü = dür
kökü ü ü = dür
examples :
benzina - petrol
şhehEr = city
shekker = sugar

0 = s e f e r
1 = bEEr
2 = EKEE
3 = ooch
4 = durt
5 = besh
6 = alt-e
7 = yedi
8 = sekEZ
9 = dokus

10 = on
20 = yirmi
30 = otuz
40 = kurk
50 = ell-E
60 altm-ush
70 = yetm-Esh
80 = seksen
90 = doksan

100 = oosh
1000 = bEEn

Most of thıs page ıs under construction
camera doppia - double room
tesh-a kulla= Thankyou

benne = gazel
evet= yes, yok= no
parlo Italiano - speak Italian ?
andando - travel, caminando - walk, a piedi - on foot

Others phonetic spelling
mi excusi = excuse me

- GOOGLE Translate Turkish

In Mersin half the population are refugees from other places : ethnic Kurds, Syrıans and Arabs..and people from the colder places in the country lıke the Black Sea
..So in some areas Kurdish is the norm :
Roj Bash - G Mornıng,
Ewar Bash,
Shev Bash
..Spas for thankyou and goodbye
- Chaara - goodbye
: but Kurds often speak different types of Kurdish or completely different languages altogether

Top Links
- thebuzzbook.com The biggest directory.. also a printed phonebook - lemongrovecyprus.com quite busy
- northcyprusforum.net Its competitor
- kibkom.com GOOD FORUM

Safer than most most, but the usual sleazy men chasing foreign ladies ??? maybe
- updating blogs takes time, there maybe updates on StewGreen on Facebook, StewGreen on Twitter or StewGreen on G+ Google Plus before they are archived here on my website
Cyprus HOT LINKS : Some useful stuff
- FCO Warnings for Cyprus

- whatson-northcyprus.com Good list from i
March- April has The Nicosia Music Days a concert each week
- Girne events on FB

check groups for Cultural and languages exchange meeting ( CLEM )
- Babel's meetups are NOT language lessons, we just meet, talk and have fun together while making new friends. - no group find

- NEW OFFICIAL TOURISM website (old was http://www.simplynorthcyprus.com/ ) not many events listed
- official tckb.gov.ct.tr : but the English button doesn't work
- northcyprus.co.uk Good BUT stopped updating in autumn
- LP Cyprus has more

- www.kibkom.com moved to moved kibkomnorthcyprusforum
- e.g. Lapta
- good forum focusing on the south cyprus-forum.com
another TRNC business directory - northcyprusonline.com not bad
- yourcyprusportal.com MUCH BIGGER than the one above
- northcyprusforum.net list of tradesmen with some reviews
- thebuzzbook.com The biggest directory.. also a printed phonebook

Couch Surfing Forum (sometimes hidden on FB)
- Complainers are moving to bewelcome.org but few members or forums are active
- Cyprus
- FB Couchsurfing Cyprus
Check subgroups for province and sub sub for cities
- Northern Cyprus subgroup of Cyprus
- CS Wiki,
Nicosia - regular events

CS camps can't find them anymore

Accommodation not in guidebook
- Girne : Cyprus Dorms , CyprusDorms FB(with/without aircon), Lefkosia : some secret hostels 10/15TL

Larnaca : Old Youth Hostel next to market : drop your bag and phone the owner $10 0035799810968

Rationalist Connections

- rationalist : cyprusfreethinkers.org focus against religion .. CAGW religion ..looks like they only ever had 2 meetings ..one was last August news p
quite active on FB
- Science - Cyprus Science Festival is back for its third year with our first event taking place during the weekend of 6-7th April 2013 on FB
- skeptic - NOTHING
- freethinkers - NOTHING
- secularist -
- Humanist - NOTHING
- brights - NOTHING

expat forums
- lemongrovecyprus.com quite busy
- northcyprusforum.net Its competitor
- kibkom.com GOOD FORUM
- this forum has good rentals
- cyprusnow.info some stuff ..
- britishexpats.com some stuff
- expatfocus.com bits
- TA loads of posts
- easterncyprus.com
- alloexpat.com some stuff
- VT 1 post per month
- expatexchange.com not much
- expatforum.com have to register then see lots of posts
- northcyprusforum.com DEAD
- cyprus44.com now closed
- http://community.justlanded.com dead

JOBS (İs Arayanlar)
- It seems diffcult, much of the businesses are BS & jobs are found through knowing someone as jobs are not so often advertised
- best ads so far
- Wow seems like real jobs
- They have a great page of tips for south
- Kibkom Job Forum ..good but no IT
- easterncyprus.com job Forum south some jobs
The Star classified a copy of the printed page
- Big portal for the south EURES e.g teacher job
- Some for the south quickjobsincyprus.com
- cyprusjobsnetwork 3 jobs/week
- On FB - JobTRNC 1 real job
- Many real jobs but mostly in Greek
- Many real jobs south side

some real jobs maybe some fake kibristailan.com
some real jobs forumlovecyprus.fr.yuku.com

- On FB - Wow real jobs - Cyprus-Jobs-Online english
- On FB - jobs.cyprus mostly in Greek
- On FB - FindJobInCyprus mostly in Greek

- list of language schools
less frequent ilan.com.kk.tc
- jobscyprus.com ..not much
- cyprusjobswebsite.com ..some maybe fake ..focussed on South
- justlanded.com some beware only top of page is jobs rest is ads and most are people looking for work
- http://www.jobincyprus.com/english/ BS nothing
- employment Agencies Greek side

Gov employment Offices District Superiors: Nicosia District Chief: 2290275-2270316 Famagusta District Chief: 3665307 Kyrenia District Chief: 8152112 Morphou Regional Superiors: 7142112 Jobcentre Plus office: 2288836-2288839

Job centres in the south on webpage

- On FB
- Jobs for Asians Agency
- Pluton Employment agency some real jobs

- teachers forums

Jobs checked
From Helpx.net

- WWOOF - GROL organic garden in Girne near centre just north of the main traffic circle, where you see people hitching to Lefkosa
- GROL on FB owner Darren & volunteer Jesse

VOLUNTEER check vfp.org - but UK site has better search to filter out younger age projects

Other Sources of Info : Libraries, newspapers etc
English libraries
- The Girne town library (200m along the road from the central circle to Lefkosia) has some English books.. free to join
- The Girne English library behind the post office is only open on Saturday mornings

Checking English language newspapers

- northcyprusfreepress.com not much

Checking English language Radio
list 1
list 2
http://www.northcyprusdaily.com/ nothing
http://www.cyprusobserver.net/ nothing
http://www.cyprus-mail.com/ south has classifieds
http://www.starkibris.net/international/ cant register

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