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Previous was 2 months over in the Indonesian side in West Kalimantan Wed- Biawak border : stayed with the Logas and his Salano Dyak friends
Thu- Sun Semantan - Malay seaside town ..pretty quiet
Mon - came via Sampadi back to Kuching
Tue - Matang old Indian temple - weird guy
Wed - Creation of Malaysia lecture - at UNIMAS ..walking in Samarahan Thu - Mon Hanging out with Canadian Bruneian Chinese Jimmy
Lots of long walks
Mo Tu Wed Thu Fri 5 Sat Sun 7
the big change from Kalimantan

- Wow it's a step back up : Good roads, cars instead of motorbikes and Indoor plumbing ..why the low standards in Kalimantan ?

Tue - Matang old Indian temple
Took a trip out to Matang and hike up hill to visit 100 year old rediscovered Indian Temple from the Rajah's old Tea Planation abandoned in 1910
1. View from the Temple

2. View from lower down straight into Kuching

Unfortunately the haze was still quite strong so the view not perfect.

Some websites for good info
Full History pics
Wilson Chin
Bombastistic Borneo Do have a view photo but really you need a telescope.
here a bit better

Creation of Malaysia lecture - at UNIMAS

- Jeez the bus took 1 hour, when cars can take a shortcut of 15km
- The lecture was dry people were falling asleep. It ended when I thought he was just getting into it
- There was always a possibility that with a foreigner lecturing it would be truthful
- However that was impossible since UNIMAS is a government location - and surprisingly no Sarawak - The huge number of tudungs made it clear it was full of students from the mainland so a very Malay location
- However there was one thing - there was freespeech for the Sarawak Nationalists in the audience .. In the Q&A part they gave long rambling political statements - not quesions

#1 The creation was a rushed mess
- 2 problems came up - Singapore couldn't be given independence cos it hadn't got control of its communist activists but put it with Malaya would create a country where Chinese were in the majority .. Even with only Penang Tunku the PM of Malaya had a problem than ethnic Malays felt outnumbered. The trick of bringing in Boreo colonies meant that ethnic Malays had an undoubtable majority in the the Federation of Malaysia.
#2. Brunei had 2 things a problem with Chinese rebellion, discovery of new oil. Once they had control of the rebellion they weren't going to let their money go to Malaysia ..none of the public wanted that
#3. In Borneo the English language is not 100% protected "no such Act shall come into operation as regards the use of the English language in the State of Sabah or Sarawak in any other case mentioned in paragraph (b) or (c) of Clause (2), until the Act or the relevant provision of it has been approved by an enactment of the Legislature of that State." Leigh alledge that that had happened.
Walked to Samarahan Town ..I hitched back to Kuching...Thanks to people who gave me a ride.

Kuching people must have a lot of back problems
... cos there are reflexology massage places all over. There was an interesting experience the week before when I had been with Jim a Canadian whi was actually born to a Chinese family in Borneo, but moved when when young. Well in KK there are lots of massage shops puporting to offer just reflexology massages the girls call out to you quite often, I always ignored them ..it's not my world. But as we walked around Jim here in Kuching kept wanting to go into these reflexology parlours, cos he claimed he had a bad back. I just hovered near the door.
- Anyway I went home , and he ends up going back to massage parlour where the woman was actually quite attractive for a 50 year old. So she ends up becoming his "3 night girlfriend". He never said she was a prostitute but said that she and her husband had lost all their money on the Chinese stock exchange crash this year, so she divorced him and came to work here. Someone told me that yes these women comen for 3 months on tourist visa and work in the massage salons.
- All this seems to happen in a different universe to me. Theirs is one of expensive restaurants and taxis, whilst I'm in the world of cheap canteens and buses.

Glamorous business women's restaurant ?
I found an exclusisve restaurant for glamorous business women or some strange High class brothel ? I was in the suburbs wasting time before a meeting. As I walked around a commercial zone there was suddenly gold flakes in tiles in front of a restaurant all very classy, but strangely no sign or anything just dark stairs going up. I'd passed one glamour woman sitting 20 yards away. and then when I passed the back there were about chinese glamour women coming down ther back stairs. Then round the corner was a low class prostitute hanging out. Then when I went nearby to the posh supermarket there were another 4 there. Totally different to women in the city, all in a similar style like a glamourous business woman, but with shortish skirts, which were unusually flared as if designed to show their thighs when they sit down...My friend said it's one of the illegal casinos but I have seen them before and I know what they look like.

I wonder if all these women had been brought from China. Cos once when were in a restaurant Jim had told me look at that table over there ..those guys are over on a conference and those girls with them must have "been bought out, you pay money to salon to take them out for the day"..I never realised. Sometimes things are there but you never notice them. I guess his story could have been true, cos he's the expert on massage salons.

Kuching Heritage
The Journalist Association building (marked estate office)


New hotel plonked gaudy sign rign infront of the Round Tower heritage building

The ironic thing is inside the mall part of the hotel they have a huge display marked "Legacy Square" about preserving the conservation character of the area.

Sarawak Entertainers
... Interesting to end up at an event the other Saturday like KL Singer Songwriters. It was the annual showcase night where upcoming Sarawak Entertainers put on a show for talent scouts in the media. Surprised to find it was mostly full of parents and friends and mostly Chinese with some tribals groups. I did guess that the politics of Malay first by the gov artist promo org JKKN means these guys have to do their own promos, but later the newspaper said Sarawak Entertainers is an SUPP project and they are one of the governing parties.

Mat Rompit Danger
I walked to the new Giant supermarket on the way back the guy from the mamak stall stopped and gave me a ride saying, too dangerous to walk cos too many Mat Rompit around. Sure enough when I was at the Foodcourt in Kampung Boyang 60 MR guys turn up, but they are just harmless kids. Then by strange coincide the German tourist told me that yesterday her bag had been snatched by 2 guys on a motorbike, right near my hotel on Jln Padungan.

Construction of new Kuching footbridge
Will it spoil view to Astana ?

My UK Town in the local Borneo Newspaper


Why doesn't Kuching work for me ?
- Ok there are no special places that I go to hangout, like the Sundaymarket is a bit boring

Yet all over Kalimentan and in small places like Sarawak villagws, my life is like a party as everyone talks to me and I entertain them. Whilst I am in Kuching no one talks to me, I have only had my photos out a couple of times to show to people..and I myself walk fast which means you don't get robbed or stuck in conversation with crazy people. One thing is in the city people have their own language groups and with many people it's easy to stick in aclique with your own language group : Chinese, Malay, Indian, Mainlnd Malay, Iban Budaya etc.

good view of Kuching :
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