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People talked about alternative CS event in KK. One thing could be to be a UMS tour
- It is an interesting campus with interesting buildings and settings.
- The Chancellory building with UMS museum and seaview cafeteria.
(there is a UMS Gallery but maybe it's closed)
- The Biology building with great seaview terrace
- It has a diorama of the UMS Hill hiking trails (circular trail)
- So you could then you could hike up the UMS Hill to the top
- The hilltop is 200m high and cleared, so has views all the way across to Tanjung Aru
- There is no shade . You'd need to take a sheet to tie to the tower.
- You could do a cleanup up the plastic bottles from the top of the hill.
- I wonder is there is a CSer who has a lab to show us ?
- There is the Aquarium & Marine Museum which anyone should visit before diving in Sabah, 10RM foreigner price
- There are a couple of waterfalls and there is the beach
.. Nice beach, since UMS is pretty Malay they perhaps don't let you wear bikinis etc
good info
some interesting aerial photos

My Opinions : Why Sabah

Bukit Pahang

- Here is a pic of the summit ..It takes 1 hour and the views are even better than Bukit Kokol's good training for anyone going to Mount Kinabalu

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