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- Europe is still full of crazy things like Green Religion so this time I'll go back to Asia. I have an idea to go to Taiwan and work doing technical manuals or something.
- "I'd like to meet up with locals & CSers at meetups like activities, hikes or Mafia games. And chat about travel I am particularly interested to help people out with festivals etc. I have worked as Engineer/Teacher/Internet/Farming and festivals and many strange jobs"

(Before this see the - 784 Bangkok £=$48NT ..flight to BKK on Tiger costs 2,500, Flyscoot more expensive, V-Air

- NEXT : pc786 March 7th I have a flight to Sabah on Borneo
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My Opinions : Why Taiwan

UK is a boring, All normal people can do is work and watch TV and watch TV ... I like working. So in the UK I have often worked at festivals in the summer.

Bad weather and nothing to do. too cold, too expensive, too boring Winter in the village sucks ..seems to me that all

bigger LP map
Local language you already know mostly phonetic spelling
mayo gu-an-je= no problem
Chao Fan- fried rice, myan- noodles

2% seem to speak bit of English
- Chinese_phrasebook

Ni-ho-ma - Hello
shia shia - Thanks -
Ching Wen - Excuse me
Dao bui chi - sorry
Good Morn/afternoon -

What is your name? -
WasaStewart - My name is Stew
Yes - Day
(actually you are saying Have ..as word yes doesnt exist) No -
examples :
cha - (sha) tea
largo = square
asucar = sugar

1- yi 2- R

100 = cem
1000 = mil
half = metade

quarto - room
com licenca = excuse me let me pass
- GOOGLE Translate Portuguese

Malay - c=h
cekup Melayu
Terima Kasih = thankyou

Top Links
- main newsblog ICRT news - others ?
Good Weather page
- FB Couchsurfing Madeira

- FCO Warnings for Taiwan

* Accommodation not in guidebook

- check the WWOOF places
Also worth checking http://www.hostelworld.com or http://www.hostelz.com '''Hostel type prices''' may be found through offers
CS page lists many freecamping places
homestay list not cheap

Rationalist Connections

- rationalist : none
- Science - Cafe Scientifique not found
- skeptic - Taichung Skeptics in the Pub only one in taiwan .. unfortunately the loud nasty people ruin the FB page - same kind of dogmatism that ruined American skepticism
Hong Kong
- freethinkers - NOTHING
- secularist -
- Humanist - NOTHING
- brights - NOTHING

Other Sources of Info : Libraries, newspapers etc
English libraries - in a corner of the big public libraries

English language Radio
- ICRT, on FB
- Radio Taiwan International

- Etaiwan-news , Taiwan Today , Taipei Times
Mo Tu Wed Thu Fri 5 Sat Sun 7

TaiwanHOT LINKS : Some useful stuff


- main newsblog

Couch Surfing Forums (sometimes hidden on FB)
- Complainers are moving to bewelcome.org only 1 member or forums are active
- South East Asia Forum
- Taiwan Forum
- Around 2010 a redesign screwed up the CS website, so check FB Group Couch Surfing Taiwan quite active
FB PAGE CouchSurfing Taiwan quite active, mostly Chinese Hitchwiki Taiwan or from couchwiki.org no page
- wikivoyage Taiwan
- LP Taiwan no info .. Madeira LP Forum thorntree thorntree Forum not much


Best list ?? Where are the interesting events ?? I can't find much by searching in English .Yes there is food and temple stuff but nothing I am interested in
- see meetup.com

- official tourist site doesn't have a comprehensive list of events - Their FB page has events
- eventaiwan.tw has nothing
Taichung March 2015 Taiwan Lantern Festival and Orchid Show Posted in Taichung
- 3/5-3/15 11-day ICRT LIVE Broadcast@Taichung Lantern Festival ..probably not interesting to me.
- from Taiwan Today not much
- Taipei Times almost nothing


Want to practice English ?
check groups for Cultural and languages exchange meeting ( CLEM ) checked on Google and FB NONE active
but there is always similar on Meetup
- Babel's meetups are NOT language lessons, we just meet, talk and have fun together while making new friends. - no group find

- Expat Forums
- alloexpat.com Taiwan not very active apart from news not many posts
- Forumosa is by far most active eg Good events list- also worth checking the regional lists not comprehensive Taiwan Events Calendar ; Events in Taiwan Calendar
-Tealit - taiwan forum consider editor list
- Anglo info Taipei need to check properly - NOT rest of Taiwan
- expatexchange.com not active TW
- britishexpats.com nothing found for TW
- expatfocus.com nothing found for TW

Too many Asia TA & VT to keep track - TA Madeira_Islands loads of posts
TA Madeira Forum the busiest forum
- TA Funchal travel guide is hidden away (not on the main Funchal page)
Useful cos already answers most of peoples questions that they post in the forum...can't edit from Internet Explorer

- VT Madeira island ..some under province also
VT Madeira island Forum quite active
- VT Funchal Guide
VT Funchal Forum on VT (renamed TRAVEL ANSWERS)

Hi, English guy hanging out , looking for live-in job.
Engineer & internet expert, but with wide variety of experience from farmwork to festivals, taught English in 7 countries. Super flexible Not afraid of work or dirt, ..but not all artistic... and I don't work for mafia.
- Forumosa has 2 classified sections : teaching, other work
- 104.com Taiwan jobsite use terms like English, engineer to search for listings in English
- ohjobbank.net on ICRT
- justlanded.com some beware only top of page is jobs rest is ads and most are people looking for work

- employment Agencies list not found

Gov employment Offices ??

Volunteer Jobs checked
- 11 Volunteer jobs
inc Hippy guy has student hostel in Cijin
Another place in Nantou webpage, blog
There is ECF but it is a church

- WWOOF Taiwan is an alternative to staying at a hostel You pay by working half the day on the organic farm. maybe 100 places
- From Helpx.net 26 ..inc Global Village ..is it a Canadian cult ?

VOLUNTEER check vfp.org- but UK site has better search to filter out younger age projects

- Translates Events list
- Events List

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