Autumn 2014 Checking events


see past years pc635, 640 ,459 ,696, useful list of literature fests

Planning * Been scanning thru future science/literature festivals. Birmingham was good cos big and free so I could see 6 things a day, but other events are more tricky.
1. Where to stay as It's too cold to camp ?
2. Getting there from this village
3. Expense : Ilkley, Cheltenham & Battle of Ideas too expensive to go to
4. They don't have the same quality events & often it's Green Propaganda (it's doubly infuriating to go to talks about climate as the norm is : it's unfair : they stoke up the alarm, but rig it so skeptics can't easily ask questions)

FREE EVENTS : Friday, 26 September European Researchers' Night (actually quite light on Green Propaganda ..just a bit at York)
- 2014 venues were : Natural History Museum in London, Bristol, York also N Rail Museum, EXPLORATHON: Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Birmingham (unknown to the web) + Sheffield
The Grantham Gravity Fields Festival 24-28th September forgot to check ..mostly greenReligion or kids

My list of highlights for Manchester Science Festival, Cambridge Ideas fest, ESRC all UK Fest, BBC R3 Freethinking Festival Gateshead
.. So if I was nearby I'd go to some of them, but from this village it's not an easy journey and would take 4 hours.. and there is nowhere to stay nearby
Wow The Beards from Adelaide are doing European tour

Go see them won't regret it  !

Thu 20 Nov - Sat 6 Dec Northern Europe 

then UK Ireland until December 18th

See My UK Links Dashboard

Mo Tu Wed Thu Fri 5 Sat Sun 7

Calendar of Events

Ilkley Literature Festival 3-19 October
most events about £8, there is a free fringe, and some BBC but not much I like
e.g. Francis Pryor: A Time Traveller's Tale Archaeologist Dr Francis Pryor shows how archaeology can reconstruct habits and customs.

Canal workday list

Local : not much except history society etc.

Bristol Festival of ideas pretty much 10 months a year these days

- Sheffield at the Mind Festival 18-28th September, I see about 100 events but mostly arty rubbish

Cheltenham Literature, 3-12 October 2014 checked ..nothing I am going to pay £8 plus £3 booking fee for

Lincoln Book Festival - Hmm all £10 EXCEPT This is FREE Saturday 4th October – LOCAL HISTORY AFTERNOON, 2pm - 5pm Sponsored by The Collection and Usher Gallery. By kind invitation of The Collection, a free event with short talks on local history, inclduing Lincolnshire's WW1 Memorials (SLHA), Magna Carta: the Lincoln Story (Lincoln Cathedral Publications), The Correspondence of William Stukeley & Maurice Johnson (Lincoln Record Society) and High Five (Roger Cole). Bookstalls and authors' signing - a feast of local history!

Battle of Ideas 2014 18 & 19 October London ..not much for me and it's £100

23 Oct-Nov Manchester Science see link to my list above

24 Oct-2 Nov Genoa Festival della Scienza no program yet

The University of Cambridge FREE Festival of Ideas : 20 Oct - 2 Nov - PDF prog .. My list of highlights

Freethinking fest in Gateshead prog out available 6th Oct ..Festival weekend from Oct 31st
- just scanned the prog but The R3FTF is not as good as previous years (so I won't be there)

The ESRC Festival of Social Science will be taking place across the UK from 1-8 November 2014.
e.g. Everyday sustainability: The ‘extraordinary environment’ treasure hunt - brainwashing


Ireland Nationwide Discover Science & Engineering Week 11.11.2012 18.11.201 12-19 November not checked yet Shaping things to come 14-15 March 2015 Vinopolis, London SE1 9BU

13-24 April 2015 The International Science Festival Gothenburg

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