The origianl Peacekam Idea was to have Peacekams at sensitive borders and broadcast the "safe status" over the internet. Then the idea was to have a 24 hour TV channel flicking between the cameras. This would provide the opportunity to broadcast "Peace programs" in between. This would mean people would be exposed to more peace based programming -stuff like "Once We were warriors" that influences people to adopt more peaceful behaviour in their own lives. To create more peace in the world is a great idea, but most of us don't go around using violence everyday. To encourage people to be more peaceful you have to change their culture and you need to expose them to alternative ways of behaving instead of the violence of normal Hollywood films. Also modern Media isn't very good at helping us understand the world. Checking facts and real investigation and analysis is seen as too difficult so instead we get "Boy in a well" stories and endless speculation cos that costs nothing and can fill lots of time "what if X ? what if Y ? It provides infotainment not education and enlightenment- so there is a real need to provide programmes with more perspective and analysis. But what do we exactly mean by peace ? It is such a soft undefined word - everyone is in favour of peace including every politician. It is the bandwagon that everyone wants to jump on.
I mean stopping unnecessary death and unecessary harm, paradoxically sometimes you can use violence to stop further violence. So reducing war or terrorism by using other methods to solve disputes. This also applies to the street or domestic arenas. Peace means finding a non violent means to solve a dispute. You might need to use force to restrain someone.

2 Channels 24 hours a day 
The Resource For a less Violent World
Tibet East Timor countries where rich steal land from poor, Police Violence



peacekam 1

China/India border
peacekam 2

Kashmir -Pak India border
peacekam 3

Albania/FRY border

Domestic violence deaths daily : 2000

Workdays lost due to violence daily : 50,000

200,000 people die every day
SCHEDULE - Peace - Truth - Green
From Brazil
00:00 Festival Report
02:00 Once We Were Warriors
03:30 Discussion
04:00 War report
05:20 Peace Songs

- Goianna Peace Festival
- Film about Maoris becoming alcoholics and wife beaters
- Discussion about the film and issues raised
- Reports from 5 different wars going on today
From Japan
06:00 Oleg and 009
07:00 Health Check
08:00 Their News
09:00 Peace Mission
10:00 Downham Heights
11:40 Peace Song Competition

- Ex KGB Agent and Ex Secret Service report on the campaign to stop school bullying
- things you can do to improve your health
- news from the perspective of a tree, and animal, alien
- 2 Rwandans mission to solve the Israel Palestine Crisis
- Film about black and Jewish kids basketball team in New York
- selection from the competition to provide a theme song
From Australia
12:00 The T and P news
12:40 Stats Team
13:00 Mark Thomas
14:00 Planet Health Check
15:00 Documentary

- The news with a real sense of Truth and Perspective
- detailed analysis
- The campaigning alternative comedian
- Organic farming Fukuoka method
- followed by debate and message boards full 3 hours
From Wales
18:00 Your Films
19:30 Exchange Views
21:00 Big Bruvers Island
22:00 Lifechanging Books
23:00 News Historic

- Home made "soap opera" competition
- 2 people exchange countries and give their impressions
- 4 religious leaders live together on an island for 3 weeks
- Walden By Thoreau
- a look at the news from the perspective of 10,000, 1000 or 100 years ago
other programmes - movies about slavery, justice and the woman jailed for 25 years for taking a message, Injustice watch

TV not BOMBS ..


484 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne  
Ph (09) 405 5548 email :
The New Attitude Network

What kind of people do you do business with ?

Issues - bullying - prison - Palestine/Israel - Northern Ireland - Rwanda - Afghanistan - Chechnia - Columbia- Angola - Colombia - Papua New Guinea - Sierra Leone- Takjikistan - Georgia - Abkhazia - Philippines Mindanao - Cambodia - Sri Lanka - Mozambique - Yugoslavia - Congo Zaire - Zimbabwe - Uganda - Liberia - Child Soldiers - Slavery - Wars- Domestic - Police - war - arms sales


Peacekam Links .. check yahoo groups, and MSN groups etc and newsgroups
The Quakers Peace pages Good
American Quakers Peace pages V Good
Humanist peace forum
Great Peace Links from Bradford U
ONEWORLD human rights and sustainable development. Professional
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Extensive, professional
United States Institute of Peace Extensive, professional
The Online Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution out of date ?
Bradford U Conflict Resolution Links
Amnesty International
Bradford U The Peace Museum problems with VRML 28/9/04
Nonviolence Links
Communications for a Sustainable Future problems 28/9/04
UNESCO Peace proj not so good
Accord Conciliation Professionals
Peace Magazine selected articles (not great)
alt.peace mostly US rants
VFP Workcamps promoting international understanding
Leamington Peace Festival - Culture of Peace Network (Australian dated)
Alternative Thought :
New Humanist Magazine OK
Humanist Soc good idea but not so interesting articles/events
alt.history.future OK
Radio For peace International some good progs - no really interesting articles interesting links
National Secular Society not much site not v interesting
Conway Hall Alternative centre in London Modern Philosophers Opinions Magazine
Mark thomas Alternative comedian and campaigner, mostly naive mainstream agenda
The Howard League
Alternative Media :
WBCQ Alternative radio 5.105 MHz, 7.415 MHz, 9.330 MHz and 17.495 MHz.
Wisdom Radio C-Band: GE1-12.7.1 MHz
Democracy Now radio prog makers (good)
badscience great should be a bad media page, but it would end up being a Kg a day reaction to mainstream agenda, instead of true perspective
Free Speech TV interesting idea but no no good stories
Radio 5 Live Message Boards A good way of getting your news as although there is an immense amount of crap, trivia, schoolboy like comments, anyone can post so you do find some valuable intelligent nuggets, often that the broadcasters might prefer you did not know about.
BBC Message Boards Homepage
Guardian Talk boards
good history Qand A like New Scientist
chumawamba - Protest Songs of the modern age - thoughtful words perhaps a little naive shows at least they have started to think, melody not so good US mainstream stories + ads rec by Michael Moore mostly US not too bad ...seems to be be right wing propaganda
Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting reaction to mainstream agenda US mainstream story US mainstream story right wing UK Independce soc site can't make sense of it can't make sense of it US mainstream stories
Humanist News links exposing Mother Theresa etc

Documentaries and Deep Investigations
Greg Palast
Michael Moore good in the past, his new books aren't good
David Icke -think he's wacky him
h2g2 article on Perspective - sometimes alternative, often alarmingly rightwing
John Piliger, Robert Fisk ,Duncan Campbell
Brights mess board interesting

Books The Bible - he who casts the first stone etc, Roots

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