Protect your PC against power surges etc

I keep bumping into people in Panama who aren't doing anything to protect their computer and information. And here I think PCs are more vulnerable than in other places.

maybe get a power surge protector, otherwise your computer might blow up if there is a surge on the power supply or lightening strikes.

3. maybe get a surge protector to where your phone line or cable internet goes into your pc to protect you modem/router.

4. If lightening is nearby I would unplug both power and phone lines, anyway until it's passed.

5. You might want to get a UPS (uninterruptable power supply) which fits between the plug and your pc. It's a kind of battery so that if the power does get cut you have time to save the stuff your working on and shutdown normally. So you don't lose the last hours work.

Some surge protectors do both power and telephone in one unit. Also some UPSs do have surge protection built in but check the ratings.

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