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FAQ - Stewart Green .. The questions people most often ask me
Freethinker, Philosopher and international peace dealer

Why do you travel ? If you stay at home nothing happens. I don't really know what I want to do, but I do know when you travel the main thing is you learn and you have adventures

One of the things is I might find the perfect country to live in, or the perfect job or even the perfect woman.

What is your favourite country ?

Most definitely Utopia ...
To tell the truth I never liked any of them that much otherwise I would have stayed there

First there are 2 things - a country to visit and a country to live in

When it comes to the most interesting country to visit; I find that the countries the most different from your own or which ones you have already experienced.. The "Hey wow !" factor; when you realise some people can think in a completely different way from what you think is normal.

  1. Japan/Taiwan/S Korea - Wow - crazy and refreshing - it was fascinating to see a country which has a completely different way of thinking from the rest of the world dominated by modern western values. It's safe. The people are very kind and because it's very expensive no-one ever tries to rip you off -(but often people DON'T tell you the truth about what they are thinking)
  2. India - 4000 years of history: ancient temple and customs , 1 billion people, variety - it's really a continent, travel is cheap and easy (but after a time it becomes infuriating cos of the bureaucracy and pestering)
  3. Syria - was incredible - the people were so kind -(but the mens mind are a bit screwed up cos they cannot speak to women)
  4. Turkey - so much culture and history and unique fascinating places, (many places from ancient Greece are now in Turkey) good transport
Honorable mentions go to Bolivia and Peru (fascinating indigenous culture, geography and mysterious ruins)(but I too many thieves in cities). Morocco ; so near to Europe but 1000 years different. (In fact the hospitality of the normal people in any muslim country is impressive) Korea, like Japan is fascinating but my judgement is coloured cos I went to Japan first, (Korea is easy to travel in and much cheaper)
My least favourite countries - The Philippenes and Sri Lanka - there are some very kind people there, but I feel that cos life is tough people have become too hard people have become too grabbing and self centered - with rampant over charging and petty theft. I wouldn't recommend West Africa for tourists - there not much to see and it's seriously dangerous with so much malaria and other diseases
I think Brazil and Australia are very overrated, but then I don't like beaches.
I do think that for other people that the UK must be one of the most interesting places to visit there are so many things to see and experience in such a small space).

When it comes to the best country to live in ;
Utopia : It's completely different from most of the countries you know; there no property ownership, no money, no wages, theres no crime and no wasteful work like junk marketing etc People understand how to live simply so people only need to work 6 hours a day then there's enough stuff in the pot and people just take what they need.
Sounds to good to be true...well it only exists in the book Utopia by Thomas More, but I believe something like this is possible and desirable. See my essays about Future Culture, where I explain in the future the whole way of living will be radically different and improved beyond the conception of most people today.
In this world all countries seem to be corrupted by capitalism and all that bollocks, the rich cause so much waste and pollution and the poor live in poverty. Consequently theres no security cos the poor are trying to get what the rich have and the rich are desperately afraid of losing it.
In this world I think it depends on your micro-situation - not the country itself. You can be in a bad country with great friends so it's great or you could be in a great country doing a crap job, so you feel crap.

I find that someone can go to a place and love it then the next week someone can go to the same place and say they hate it.

Burn -out In fact I hate travel - Once you have seen a few things then they are boring the next thing has to be bigger and better and I'm running out of superlatives. For me climbing any mountain now is boring cos I have climbed an active volcano in Chile.

Do you have a girlfriend in every country ? Oh yeh ! Life is not like a Hollywood movie

maybe it's easier for people who are more handsome than me and in my world it seems there are far more men than women ... I meet men all the time, but I guess all the women are locked up at home doing the knitting.

I signed up to a few dating sites like findsomeone.co.nz, metrodate, but I think they are a bit of of a scam ..they let you join for free and then they charge you $20 a month to send messages (but they only have a few people my age to talk to). So I am just trying some of the Friend networkpages like Me on myspace.com/, Me on Blogger.com, me on bebo.com, photos on Flickr, uk.personals.yahoo.com seems only for UK free, friendster.com/

Where is your home ? I don't have one

I realise that one reason I travel a lot is that England never was home. I was born there, but it's always been like a foreign country to me (see my essay on Why I despise England)

I think it's important to challenge traditional values so we move forward to a better Future culture. So I don't believe in a lot of things like marriage, celebrating birthdays and christmas etc.

Also I believe in leading a real life not leading one by proxy. Why watch sport on TV when you can play volleyball or softball with your friends ? Why watch soap operas instead of real people ? I'm different "the greater part of what my neighbours call good I call bad" HD Thoreau

What is your favourite food ? Bananas, muesli, dark chocolate

Again I found I was different. Other people seem to like recipe food. Me I like simple food. There is so much good natural food like strawberries, cherries, peanuts, potatoes. Why do you have to mess around with food covering with chilli or salt ? I don't like restaurants. I survive on stuff like breakfast cereal, fruit and canned tuna sandwhiches (malted granary bread). I prefer the pleasure of peoples company rather than the food.

You won't find me hanging around in bars either ..I don't like beer or getting drunk either.. just one glass of wine is OK

Are you going to write a book ? No, There are plenty of great books already written. See my book reviews

I don't feel that I have anything new to say yet, though some day I'll work it all out and have something big to say.

We live in a crazy world some of the old classic works written 500 years, 1000 years and 2000 years ago have so much wisdom yet they are ignored cos of the marketing hype of new stuff. Try things like Utopia by Thomas More

Reading travel books can be as rewarding as travel try such authors as Graham Greene, Christiana Dodwell, Paul Theroux, Lucy Irving or read my travel postcards online. and check my recommended books

Are You Rich ? No, not really. Many people ask me this question cos they think you need a lot of money to travel

In fact I spend less money than most people who don't travel. I have no house, no car and no children. I don't need them. Also non-travellers tend to get trapped into a consumerist society buying a lot of things they don't really need : CDs, books whatever. I can't buy much cos I have to carry it. I do know how to handle money and do things economically, so I have managed to save an little money. In fact I believe the "closer the ground" you travel the more fulfilling the experience is. If you stay at Hilton Hotels and fly between places, then you don't get to see the life of the normal people and experience the same things you do when you stay at local guesthouses and hitch hike.

Am I richer than Rupert Murdoch, and Richard Branson ?
... Well, I can afford moral scruples

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