98 Climate Deluded Exposed by Their Fallacies

PR accidental brainwashing trick ?

- BBC never use the word terrorist, instead .. alternating between words ...this dilutes the impact. I guess you can do it with race religion aswell
- whereas if use same word it strengthens the impact & breeds prejudice ..eg. denier, denier, denier.

Climate deluded

Planet of The Deluded Climate Deluded think they can predict the climate

Climate clowns have taken over the circus

The stranglehold that environmentalism and being Green has on government departments in the western world has reached epidemic proportions of stupidity, or to put it another way the clowns have taken over the circus

Shell to fund Nerc

non-story Big Oil has always supported alarmists as more alarm pushes up prices which pushes up profits on the same margin.. easy choice. BP Exxon have put billions into US university projects, Shell always tried to jump on the green bandwagon of solar PV etc.

- The idea that Skeptics have received large funding from big oil has always been an unsubstantiated smear ..show me proper evidence ! there isn't any !

- and hypocrisy .. look at the dramagreens record it comes easy to them #greensgobyair, #GreensSayDoAsIsayNotAsIdo, #greenstarsCryButConsumeHigh

Logical Fallacy of DramaGreens calling for BBC ban on Skeptics

Can you trust DramaGreens, when the make such fallacious arguments ?
Let me illustrate how insane this world is
There are 650 comments on AndThenTheresPhysics Blog where the argument is that Skeptics like Bishop should be banned from the BBC

- List of warmists there who are calling for banning of warmist predictors which time has actually PROVEN wrong
1 ............... (that says it all doesn't it ?)

2006 A radio studio
- Official Science Authority person "We have to be very worried about Climate change, temperature rises at 0.3C per decade so by the end of the century we could have seen warming by 3C & sea level rise of 100m" (I would call them a DramaGreen Quack)
- Skeptic Figure like The Bishop "I think, you are overstretching the science, it is quite possible that by 2014 the temperature could be around what it is now i.e. a touch lower than 1998"

Response of DramaGreens "BAN HIM !"
"Dear BBC what a disgrace ! these skeptics mislead the public & should be banned !"

2014 Radio 5 for 5 mins
Bishop says : "temperature hasn't changed much for 20 years "
- "temperature has plateaued at the top"
(It's late on Sunday night & no one is listening so he makes 1cm of difference in a 1Km campaign)

Response of DramaGreens "BAN HIM !"
650 comments on ATTP basically saying "Ban him he misleads ! He said temperature hasn't changed much for 20 years, when he should have said 17"
"Temperature is not the top as it will surely continue rising soon
- & it's not a plateau, we think it has inclined a little still within the margin of error"

See the Rules
1. Against skeptics NITPICKING : They seek to ban a skeptic for TINY things
2. Against warmists FREE PASS : No comment at all when the Alarmists "mislead" * by magnitudes more
3. Against PROVEN warmists errors MOUTH SHUT : about their past on air predictions, which failed & mislead the public
(None of the people in those 650 comments actually do anything like pick up warmists who asserted it would be 0.3C warmer by now or that the Arctic would be Ice-Free)
* e.g. go way outside "their accepted truth" of the IPCC

Conclusion : They are somehow living in an alternative reality They say it's about the science, but their action shows "IT'S ABOUT THE PR NOT THE SCIENCE"

It does foretell in the bible the coming of the warmists

1 - you'll know them by their PROJECTION
2 - you'll know them by their blatant hypocrisy
3 - you'll know them by their fallacious arguments
4 - you'll know them by their ANGER, BILE & spite
5 - you'll know them by their PR over SCIENCE
6- you'll know them by their Ad Hom & Namecalling
- you'll know them by their BULLYING

- you'll know them by their CENSORSHIP
- you'll know them by their BROKEN PREDICTIONS
- you'll know them by their LACK OF CONSCIENCE
- you'll know them by their DEVIOUSNESS

Rush to go Beyon-Sci ad say extreme weather is due to CC

Can Slingo name what weather is NOT "consistent with #climatechange" So #ExtremeWeather CATCHALL isn't it? #floods #droughts #whatever

Rush to go Beyon-Sci ad say extreme weather is due to CC

- anyone who trusts SkS has not read Shub's post "Rewriting History" Oct 2011 Explaining SkS Completely rewriting it's blog posts AND READERS COMMENTS after the event has no scruples about SkS deviousness 1. the morality of using ambush names intended to catch out & misresent

Radio4 Blog

- Clive note New Scientist is an "ambush name" Science, Scientist, Skeptic are now used in organisation names in the same way countries put democratic in their name (same goes for acadaemic subjects wich use the word 'science' in their title.)

I would encourage anyone in any situation no to just accept the first "obvious" answer but to be their own "devil's advocate" and consider the matter from entirely the opposite view, and view of opposite parties. We can respect whatever view you put forward with more respect if it is clear that you have done that.

- Beware black & white SIMPLE answers as the real world is full colour complex.

"oh but nasty America spied on people !" - 911 shouldn't have happened either .. Nor the rise of dictators and wars which caused 4m dead in Zaire, 2m in Rwanda and 2m in Sudan etc. .....perhaps if they had better intelligence http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_wars_and_anthropogenic_disasters_by_death_toll

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