96 Anti-Racists are the Real Racists

They don't see people as individuals but race


Origin of the story many black UK actors gone tp US is it they can't get jobs in UK ?covered in BiasedBBC and then R4Mediashow

- Typical , their simplistic 1 sentence takes 4 pages to rebutt

Media-show: Typical RACIST anti-racists

Do you see people are individuals or as a race/skin colour ?

  They shout "racism! no jobs for us" even though most new minorities are still kids and secondly proper evidence of discrimination means people would win big in the courts. There magic solution of quota sees people as a race so is racist. (Should we have quotas for whites to collected for prison ?) The show was weird, it was like entering another green/left alternate reality 

1 Oversimplification & PROJECTION

- that common green/left phenomenom where they accuse everyone else of having oversimplistic view of the world with kneejerk reactions to things while at the same they demonstrate by showing a oversimplistic view of the world with kneejerk reactions plus magic solutions

2. - being arts Students they fail to start with the mathematics or context : minorities have dramatically spiked up 250% in the last 20 years

* Prog was full of projection they were the kneejerk racists with the oversimplification. They failed to contextualise there has been an incredible increase in minorities in the last 20 years so race mix of adults is well different to that of babies.

- The activist on the clearly are racists* as they people as race whereas equality* is about seeing people as individuals with the right to opportunity based on ability

* The Anti-racist Racists

1. - Firstly instead of seeing people as individuals all that show appeared to see people as a race or skin colour first.

- Lenny Henry, Griff Rhys Jones quite funny if over exposed comedians.

- Russel Brand and Steven K Amos unfunny comedians, taking up airspace which could be better used for funnier performers.

What Equality Really Is

* Everyone has right to equal opportunity 

we get this through 1) no unfair discrimination and 2) inclusivity role models roles models are 

1. the right to not be discriminated about something they have no FREE choice about like sex, colour, race with the excemption of beauty & ability (sportstars and chess stars receives benefit cos of what they are born with)

2. It's desireable that all in society can feel they are not left out of role models so Role Models are desireable BUT "People like me" doesn't mean people who look like me 

* Maths and Context not Set

* Maths and Context not Set.

"Oh minorities used to get 11.5% of acting jobs, now they get 6.5%"

- To which many of us go "SO WHAT ?" in the 1991 census, 95% of British were white. 

3. No there lies the rub when you check you find , in the last 20 years there has been an enormous increase in minorities, but they didn't emphasise this trend maybe keen to play it down ?

- the number of white/minority in London changes by 1% per year.

Typically TV depicts UK of born before 1991 

London was 80% white, UK 95%

2011 Wales 99% white, UK 87.2% white, London down to 60% white 

.. They failed to set the context, that there had been this enormous unprecedented change in the last 20 years. with minorities up by 250%

Is There Actually A Problem

-TV shows adults not babies

There might be a number of explanation unchecked.

- 1. Surely these new minorities are mostly still kids

- 2. There is no evidence people are uniformly distributed across careers - not many headscarf wearers will become actresses. Few oil workes are women, few men are kindergarden teachers .do we need quotas for this ? Do we need quotas to increase numbers of hetero-sexuals in some professions ? Are rap stars, athletes and footallers uniformly represented

- 3. It's patronising to give people a job on their race quota.

- 4. It's possible minority actors are not ticking the box marked minority , because of the above, so there is an undercount.

- 5. An individual might go to the states for many reasons might be good so the states want them , they might be more flexible, more adventurous etc.,Or they might be crap actors so can't get work in UK

Race Quotas are inherently racist

- and discriminative as they see you as a race.

- You turn up and get a job, not cos you know that you are the best, but cos you are orange and other orange people weren't interested, how valued/resented would you feel ?

- Also if say you were the orange son of an orange skinned BBC director now you would have an even bigger advantage. Far better to aim to give all individuals the basis for equal opportunity in the beginning.

* This "quotas with teeth BS" : Racial discrimination is already against the law. If there was a real problem then it can be proved in court so what you saying is the law doesn't work, but you want a lower quality of prof required for racial minorities, so that is racism. You are going to end up with certain people finding it incredibly easy to get a job, cos a quota has to be filled, but the rest of their group don't find that job fashionable.

- Should we have quotas for whites to collected for prison ? maybe for army. Should radio 1 beforbidden from broadcasting more than quota of black hip hop artists. Select footballers by quota ?

Let's have quotas for unfit people at the olympics

- If the population changes next year to become 50'% orange in will 2015 UK TV have 50% orange faces ?
No UK since it depicts the whole of past and future history with a UK bias the faces will be nowhere near 50% orange. 

Will the entire stock of old film footage have the faces orangified..a orange Hitler and orange Kennedy, orange Monty Python,



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