94 New Push to Silence Skeptics Part B

as if they have a campaign to push a message before a climate conference

Jonathon Rowson also makes a loony article

@TinyCO2 This new warmist conspiracy theory : RSA report ; Facing Up to Stealth Denial and Winding Down on Fossil Fuels - has it come up before on BH ?

This report argues that we should focus less on those who question the scientific consensus as if they were the principle barrier to meaningful action. Those who deny the reality of anthropogenic climate change are not at all helpful, but at least they are consistent. One corollary of facing up to stealth denial is that we should turn more of our attention instead to mobilising those who, like the author of this report, fully accept the moral imperative to act, but continue to live as though it were not there.
When you click the report has RSA and then the name : Jonathon Rowson
Jonathan Rowson is director of the Social Brain Centre at the Royal Society of Arts. (Scottish chess Grandmaster ) He tweets at @jonathan_rowson, recent blog: It's from Green/left so Projection whatever they accuse everyone else of just reflects what they themselves are doing - It was previewed in Guardian and Cronies on December 17th - Most British People Are 'Climate Ignorers' and 'Stealth Deniers ... Seems a stealth denier is someone who doesn't deny anything at you can prove, but just disagrees with you so you can still namecall by saying they are a STEALTH denier

Need to win a debate ? just shouting STEALTH DENIER, that way you win even person hasn't denied anything then use "STEALTH DENIER" Jonathan Rowson

Need to win a debate, by shouting DENIER, but other person hasn't denied anything then use "STEALTH DENIER" by Jonathan Rowson http://bishophill.squarespace.com/blog/2013/12/17/the-foolishness-of-the-overqualified.html

Tricky when someone doesn't deny anything so you can't Angry at someone that has arguments you don't like, but

Jonathan Rowson's 2nd article on same day allowed comments Turning up the volume on climate change isn't changing behaviour BBC You and Yours podcast Lower energy bills but at the cost of renewables? More on plans to scrap some green energy targets. - One of the Greenpeace activists embedded in the BBC Roger Harrabin was there to speak about it, but of course he chose instead to big up alarm "Last year was one of the warmest years ever in America" By Chapter : Energy The European Commission is ditching its renewable energy targets - what will this mean? Harrabin just tweeted "Get rich from #climatechange. Excellent book "Windfall" from @McKenzieFunk. Full of fine writing and great stories" last week : Jan 22 "EU report today will say there is no evidence that #renewables policies have affected #competitiveness so far." Chapter : The Green Deal is a year old, but has it created more energy efficient homes?" Chapter : Smart Meters A former advisor says the smart meter must be stopped now to prevent a huge waste of money

Prince Charles, make a loony speech aswell

- So Shermer, Walport and Prince Charles its a real war of charlatans , but they are zombies then Lord May pops up

link into rational86climate_quacks.htm ad 87

Rule 1 Alarmist shouting on the media = PROJECTION who are the real healess chickens , bullies and science deniers. Whatever accusation they shout at others is merely a projection of what they are doing themselves.

Charles calls me a headless chicken My reply "shutup you stupid climate duck, quack, quack, with your magic science, and your magic solutions" "scientific ? Charlie lecturing others about respecting science ! haha - That the problem with Media Climate Science has thrown Scientific Principles in the dustbin with it's legitimization extrapolating science across the line well beyond the validated"

Yes I was thinking of something like Morano style. - but you are right if the BBC ever allowed Moreno on, he would probably be banned from all future appearances in revenge for making the DramaGreens look like idiots 1. So Good on Bish getting on at all, since we normally banned under the "false balance rule 2. Good on him for not screwing up, cos that what the Greenpeace reporters embedded within the BBC want, so they can play a skeptic screwing up again, and again and say "see we are not censoring" want

- However a Morano approach would help put the debate where it should be, whereas with Skeptics now, cos we only get to REACT to alarmists so they drive where the debate is. But we we shouldn't be at their end of the line boring the public with:-) discussions on cloudforcing, but should put the discussion right at the other end of the line, where it should be, because it is big and really important ..it's of the magnitude of a Zombie Apocalypse.

Time of Zombie Apocolapse Now is not a time UNLIVING zombies taking over the Earth, No it's the UNTHINKING zombies .. there is a long chain on them shuffling forward chanting "CO2", "Warming", "Catastrophe", "Think of the children !" It's like the Sci-Fi Tripods where a whole planet is brainwashed.

Madness, quackery, lunacy, zombies that where the debate should be, not focused on "cloud forcing" as that just downplays the magnitude if the whole issue - Yes CO2 is a greenhouse gas and yes it effects the climate - but you'll find most QUACKERY starts off with science and then overextrapolates from there There are 2 import consequences of this Climate Madness 1. The legitimisation dumping the scientific method & 2. $1bn per day cost to mankind

1. - Science it great but you can't say that for certain topics we can throw scientific principles of validation in the garbage and get carried away extrapolating beyond the line to say that unproven theories are truth and they predict the future. 2. - The save the planet brigade have simply not delivered on their promises Gores film promised us runaway temperature rise, yet whilst in the last 17 years We've spent a $1billion/day on climate change measures * everything you buy is much more expensive cos of them yet CO2 has shot up with by 40% and the temperature , the temperature didn't get the message and has stayed the same ..(all ..measures of climate are within the natural range of before industrialisation) ( * I d like to quote substantiation..it comes from all research/propaganda costs plus difference in energy costs between what energy does costs with all the green subsidies and inefficiencirs and what it would have cost otherwise)

Climate Madness

1. The good name of science is being damaged - very principles of science are bring usurped mutilated- Science is what we know, what has been proved, but it has a limit that you can't make predictions of certainty beyond what has been properly validated, but Climate Madness is delegitimising science by shouting certainty from well beyond the other side of that line In science it is not acceptable to make predictions using theories that have not been validated. 2. $1bn per day


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