92 More Notes on Trolls

I am still inclined to think the gamification of 2013 big trolling stories was activists "playing the victim for the PR gain" 

- The thing about 2013 high profile trolling stories was it 1, 2, 3 ?
1. Case of genuine violent threats disrupting their lives.
2. Constant harassment disrupting their ability to communicate their message.
3. Riding the "victim of trolls" angle to hype up their own PR agenda.
.. It's easy to sling mud pies, but "dozens, and dozens of rape threats", turned out to be case proved against 2 people and 1 of them was a woman. 

- Harassment ? As I said that should not be a problem on Facebook or Twitter, you don't have to read what idiots post and your own timeline is controlled by you. 
Public forums like the newspapers tend to be heavily moderated.
Yes in unmoderated forums people can say nasty things, but they are still subject to the laws of defamation.

Newspapers and the BBC have lost/given in to anti-defamation action every month in the UK, although they do regularly get away with it at a low level against people not powerful enough to sue them.

- Unless more evidence appears I am inclined to believe point 3. about the 2013 high profie troll cases.

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