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GG on solar - Bottom line in a free market there is no need to micromanage and calculate, cos if there is a non subsidy PAYBACK then private biz will be doing it. Note how apart from greenwash like Morrison's warehouse roof (subsidised?) there is very little use of unsubsidised solar e.g. in tropical countries etc. why if it works aren't container ships covered with panels.
- PS why doesn't each wind turbine have a flywheel at the base so it can output continuous flow of elec ? losses too big ?

Johanna : ABC groupthink even outside climate, at the end of reasonable & shocking if true 360 doco about Roma in Romania, the ABC ended last 90s by saying "It's unlikely to be as bad as the fears the UK Immmigration Party Spread"
UK Immmigration Party ? there isn't one
UK Independence Party she means

Re-writing history re iceloss predictions #climatescareporn Heartland's James Taylor in Forbes
via Galileo Movement

Copyright is dead

Copyright is dead, long live the pirates: an IQ debate - Interesting prog from ABC in Oz a useful comment was "the path of least resistance has become to pirate"
- yes I would like to pay authors etc. , but in bygone days I would buy a newspaper etc. I get everything for free online these days ... I would definitely be spending more money otherwise.
- maybe we can come up with a better way to pay authors like a 500/year right to pirate licence fee or something. page -

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