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If Gov snooping was huge they'd have already got all the paedophiles etc.

- If government hacking & surveillance is as thorough as some people think it is then how come all online paedophile and similar badguys haven't already all been shut down ? . OK we don't know how many operations are ongoing * but it seems to be actually government sureveillance just isn't that good.
* (BTW that's why you don't do vigilante stuff cos you can screw up ongoing police operation)

- This ties into the UK newspaper phonehacking incidents, when newspapers were hacking phones/emails of people been monitored by the intelligence agencies (IAs) e.g. the royal family. The IAs must have known what the newspapers were upto, which seems to suggest to me that the IAs left the newspapers alone cos they were somehow also working with them getting useful info from them for other stuff.

Eco-house stories

When TV presenter Kevin McCloud announced plans to build an eco-development that brought contemporary architecture to the masses, it promised to be the grandest of designs. TV presenter Kevin McCloud's own Grand Design hit by faults Grand Design presenter's development cost £4.2m Faults include failed heating, dampness and failing toilets and washing machines , 26 August 2012
Bradford : Telegraph Feb 2013
Residents in multi-million pound eco-friendly homes hit with sky-high electricity bills
Taxpayers pay for eco-village failure : Times paywalled 6 January 2013 A PIONEERING eco-village championed by Wayne Hemingway, the fashion designer, has been bailed out with a £5m loan from the Scottish taxpayer after many of the homes failed to sell.
"In 2007 Gordon Brown announced plans for ‘Eco towns’ with 100,000 new carbon neutral (or zero carbon) homes." where are they what happened ? Down from 12 to 4 Wikipedia By 2012, only four sites have been approved, with none completed. ...independent 2009 Dashed Dreams of an Eco-City: The Failure of Dongtan Eco-City on Chongming Island, China by Arup,

Smartgrids debunked

a comment decimating the alarmist article


Question Time petition fro sciewntistsYes proper scientists NOT celeb scientists like Brian Cox husbands of TV execs or normal media dinner party clique scientist petition

Spiegelhalter 99% Hero, 1% Disgrace

: He explained in the Telegraph this IPCC 95%, means they are sure that 19 times out of 20 this will happen ...he did not explain the 95% number just came out of thin air with no evidence and calculations to back it up.
(I note he normally he refrains from mentioning climate change issues, I believe if he applied his expertise to warmist dogma he could smash it apart)

Richard Spendlove Anti-PC DJ

Wow BBC Radio Cambs has that allows right wing comments "Well that's your view & you've got a right to say it" RichardSpendlove.com
- BBC cut him down from 3hrs to 2hrs/week
- last week was death penalty stuff
21:00 Saturdays Richard Spendlove brings you late night chat, music and callers. BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, BBC Radio Kent BBC, Three Counties Radio

history repeats

- 3000BC The Egyptians wasted all their resources building pyramids trying to appease the gods to save them from bad things they feared, result their civilisation collapsed
- 2000BC The British wasted all their resources building giant prayer wheels and solar altars trying to appease the gods, to save them from from bad weather they feared, result their civilisation ... led the world ?

greencrap : messing with the free market

Why Cameron said "Let's get rid of all this Green Crap"
- 1. GreenCrap Subsidies for wind and solar put up electric prices yet fail to reduce CO2 (Renewable Obligation £30 & FITs £7)
- 2. GreenCrap Insulation subsidies seem a good idea, but the system is a mess : vast amounts are spent on the promotion & publicity for the low takeup rates. Plus there have been reports on consumer progs of contractors overinflating the bill cos it's British Gas that pays rather than the homeowner. When it should be homeowner benefits so homeowner should pay. - 3. GreenCrap Energy bill subsidies are ridiculous, they wouldn't be needed if the bills were lower in the firstplace. (Warm home discount)
- 4. GreenCrap renewables infrastructure costs pushing up bills, the extra long pylon systems, the standby power and STOR systems etc.
- 5 GreenCrap Smartmeters - which the BBC's Paul Lewis reported the German's decided pot to implement cos the coasts are real and the savings imaginary
ah Foxgoose just tweeted a picture of the £112 Green costs

- 6 GreenCrap Direct EU & UK carbon taxes

Haiyan games

- Job Bloggs is tweeting alot to make accusation that skeptics can't take part of IPCC to point out warmists contradiction, he's taxpayer funded

All he's doing is pointing THEIR contadiction, you can't be IPCC faithful & say "yep of course Hayan was caused by Global Warming" have your cake and eat it is DramaGreen tactic.

new academic discipline


BBCEnviro & rationalist.org.uk are being Propagandists

Tweet said "2013 'one of warmest ' on record, and other stories - our morning round-up …"
and led me to this page here with a load of rubbish copy & pasted from the pop sci shallow media
- None of it is really relevant to rationalism, except if you deconstructed that BBC "One of the warmest" as an illustration of how rationalism has become ABSCENT form Enviro depts of Guardian, Independent, BBCEnviro for the last 10+ years. Commenting on this years temperature when almost 20% of the data has not come in is ridiculous, anything could happen in the next 6 weeks from mega freeze to mega heat, volcano going off etc. It is just an example of green drama queening (by DramaGreens) to hype stuff up for COP19. So it seems to me both the BBCEnviro & rationalist.org.uk are being Propagandists rather than Rationalists.

Any informed CO2 dissenters ?

- As ever what Tim Ball says makes a lot of sense & it's consistent with the last 30 years temperature vs CO2 pattern. However why doesn't everyone believe this already ?
- OK the outside world is controlled by the Green Fundamentalist Five percent so the media is censored and you don't keep your job and your research institute get it grants unless you keep the IPCC party line. But you'd expect more scientists to be stepping through cracks in the woodwork. Where are the rest of the informed dissenters ?

Drama Greens at COP19 don't spot major errors on own website

Tom you told them 2 months ago about Cop19 page errors, now they spot app error #COP19 DramaGreens are too busy SHOUTING at others no time to listen or check facts

"the sea level increased for the first time since the last ice age" breakthrough science ? or page of hilarious mistranslation on OFFICIAL COP 19 WEBSITE

How come skeptics are first to spot error in things dramagreens wrote & read many times and 2 months later it's still uncorrected ?

- At end of COP19 page has been updated, but still has errors (ocean only warmed since 1870 they still say)

Cameron's GreenCrap™

- Today's BBC talk bit were filled with apologisers saying "No Green taxes, It's only a tiny wafer thin mint of home insulation grants to help save enrgy". Well GreenCrap™ cpver a mu;ltitude of things not only taxes, but it is quite possible Cameron said "well where's this Green Tax thing end ?"
..and got the reply "They say the true green bill by 2020 could be more than £100 billion, " (David Rose in the Spectator)
..thus prompting the reply "Holy cow , we have to get rid of all this GreenCrap"

Cameron's GreenCrap™ guaranteed to convert half of traditional Tory voters into UKIP voters

Politicians Corruption

I see Tomo links to Influence on MPs must be exposed and regulated - "'I want to see parliament’s register reflect all the financial interests an MP has ever declared.' and "state funding for political parties"
- Influence on MP like NGO links and partners green energy businesses.

Somone said the other day Lords don't register their interests : em they do but one thing is they may biases might be hidden like Lord Debden can write just Veolia without explaining it's green interests. Or a MP, Lord could write lawyer or lobbyist without mentioning who their main client is.

Yes so that would leave unions, charities and NGOs free to do all their lobbying unhindered

Politicians Corruption

big list of negative effects of green movement
- of course it is a bit extreme the other way

Motivated Numeracy : Confirmation Bias

@David S Yes OK, but my guess is he avoids talking about the subject as to keep peace with his social circuit (like maybe greenie wife or kids) Anyway This ties in with a kind of Comfirmation Bias ; Motivated Numeracy BBC Radio : More or Less : A study suggests that our ability to do maths plummets when we’re looking at data which clashes with our worldview.
- Of course in the US the usual left wingers in the states used it to say "see Republican's are dumb", but the effect applies across all sides and all abilities (even uni profs) in the sample of 1000. HuffPo reasonable coverage

- Personally I see this as a "confirmation bias" effect I see all the time. When people just jump to requote figs like 97%, or IPCC 95%confidence, it's like their IQ suddenly dropped, cos surely with things which are "too good/bad/strange" to be true you have to go bad and look for problems with the sources.

- Motivated Numeracy : a kind of Comfirmation Bias. Whereby your mathematical ability goes down with how connected your politics is to the issue in question. If numerical example seems to confirm your politics then you'll quickly believe it and cite it, whereas if you have no interesty in the topic you will deal better with the numbers.

Roy Spencer's Hayden line graph showing average of IPCC projections shows 0.5C from 2000-2020 That's looks like quite a big ask now wehave 6 years to go

Properly fed populations do not get malaria epidemics

UK loads of oil left

On Peter Day's prog about Aberdeen Oil he said we've had £300bn tax revenue out of it so far (and there is
£1500bn of easily recoverable oil/gas to come out)
£300bn over 40 years seems like nothing
..recently UK annual extra borrowing has been £150bn/year and now it's £99bn (what not 100 ?) why are we running around spending money when we are a poor 2nd world country (not the rich first world country we think we are) either we need to put up tax 5% or close some universities/services etc.


Anyone working on a Climate Wiki ? so we can just say here's the last 50 polar bear astories we debunked ?

Why a law making it illegal not to report child sexual abuse is bad. For some reason someone will find themself on the wrong side of that law, then they will be afraid to report a 2nd offence for fear of incriminating self have to always keep it easy for people to report

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