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Greenpeace is to the environment what Scientology is to religion.

Greenpeace ruled political/ not charity in NZ & Canada

also in Canada in NZ since 2011 as a result of the "All sizzle and no sausage law"
The lawyer for the Charities Registration Board Peter Gunn, said the law permitted charities to be advocates but you could not have a charity that was only an advocate. - "You can't have just sizzle and no sausage," he said.
August 2013 The Supreme Court has reserved its decision. The case has already been considered in the High Court and the Court of Appeal. The Court of Appeal had asked the new Charities Registration Board to reconsider Greenpeace's application to be registered as a charity. link - It's controversial in the US cos while the 3 GP orgs are tax exempt the tax authorities came down hard on the Tea Party ..from "Nichols notes that both New Zealand and Canada have stripped Greenpeace of its charity status." "The IRS conducted an extensive review and concluded in December 2005 that Greenpeace USA continued to qualify for its tax-exempt status.” wikipedia "The organization does not accept money from governments, intergovernmental organizations, political parties or corporations in order to avoid their influence"

- Seems ? in canada GP just formed a second charity which funnels money to GP. link - I don't really understand the rules ..maybe it's that charities get tax back from gov on the basis that they do good, whereas political parties might be counted as non-profit and don't get tax benefits/money. - Greenpeace doesn't want it's members to be in Russian jails so perhaps at the end of the trial the Russians might offer Xyears in jail ....or a $250m fine instead (-they could recover some of that by putting up the charges they charge the IPCC for Greenpeace activists writing IPCC reports) - Good rebuttal by Heartland against smears of Big Oil ..Pointing out in last 10 years it received almost zero money from oil ..yet green orgs received tens of millions - I missed the story of Rainbow Warrior been boarded & sign changed to Propaganda Warrior

Climate Scientists Surveys rare : One done only 36%

Surveys 36% of geoscientists & engineers believe : Rebutall "oh well they are oil engineers" of course Wikipedia is 1984 about "surveys of Scientists" ..travesty. - My guess they are afraid to do proper honest surveys cos they are afraid what the result will be.

Haiyan Abuse

Should we be outraged that they have taken an normal normal situation and used it to plant another seed of their fantasy universe

OK let's take the Haiyan away from the alarmist framing & back to reality The thing is this Haiyan hype shows that as regards Climate media/society spends 95% of the time in a fantasy universe.
- Come on Climate people get on with the science and produce some proper models,
- let's talk about renewables that work like power stations powered from chicken shit etc.

Haiyan most powerful ever cyclone ? NO it seems on average there is similar strength typhoon EVERY year in that region ALONE
- Interesting so Cyclones aren't easy to rank cos there isn't just ONE simple measurement strength depends on at least 3 factors
1. Lowness of pressure
2. Landfall windspeed
3. Concentration of the eye
- Typhoon expert Ryan Maue points us to official list of WN Pacific cyclones from 1950 shows there have been 58 similar strength to Haiyan that means on average there is one every year.
- Of course important as a disaster, but as a Climate issue why has it taken up hours and hours of peoples time ?

- Twitter Trickery
saying "look even the IPCC say that" is
1. pointing out the hypocrisy of Haiyan hypers nnot following their beloved IPCC on this
2. as SandyS says is saying "Look even the least conservative source authority on the matter, don't believe that science shows that todays Cyclones are caused or intensisfied by climate change.
- yet activists came with the line "Ah you quoted the IPCC so now you believe all"


Questions for Greens
show us your data
can't be trust

Oil Rig GP stupidly nearly knocked Russian workers
into water ... So Russians Fired

In the Russian footage, 2 - The 2 GP abseilers are attached to the rig there rope is going down. Video start a small Russian dingy by the side of the rig has gone the end of the rope. The Russians have smaller and less powerful dingies than GP. The Rusians 2n small dingy is trying to get near the activists to arrest, but as they do one of the 2 larger GP dingy powers up from side of shot where it's been standing and tries to get between the Russian boat as if to rescue the abseilers/hinder arrest . Actually it ends trapping the much smaller dingy against the rig wall with the GP bow smashing repeatedtly onto the side of the Russians. (ahem accidental murder ? I can understand why Russians pulled gun) -The guy in front puts his hands up but the driver does a couple of extra pushes, then 6-7 single shots are heard, seen splashing water (showing brave GP these are live bullets) provoking the GP driver to back off. Russians stop firing when GP dingy is out of way .... allowing the Russians 2 small boat to move in. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRi71fSeFtY

Tom Nelson "Why does edited BBC video (UK) include the Russians firing warning shots, but not Greenpeace ramming a Russian boat seconds before?" but the video he links do has been deleted ? - The BBC footage is shot from the GP boat and has been edited but does appear to show the same as the Russian footage ..I don't see anything showing the Russians rammed GP first. Usually GP actions only benefit Russian interests ..some connections to Russian Intelligence ? However some GP probably connected to Western Intelligence and half of them probably gone native Truth is a Russian doll within a Russian doll Note how hindering Russias new oil projects in Bering Sea would hurt Russia, but good for someone else I note the 3 Headlines RT RussiaToday chose : - Pirates in Arctic? Greenpeace activists face charges after anti-drilling protest - Arctic Assault: Greenpeace ship boarded after activists targeted Gazprom oil rig - Greenpeace activists detained in Arctic 'piracy' case


- There seems to be a bit of a game going on : At the moment CO2 climate models aren't very good so IPCC advocates can't come up with science so they go for PR instead. Hence when extreme weather events come up they do all they can to pin it on CC, pushing that meme for all it's worth. when someone counters them with "even the IPCC doesn't pin today's weather events on Climate Change"

..they don't have any science to come back with so they sneer back with "So you believe *all* IPCC science now do you ?

(So when Taiyan came up we knew that they would rush to do that well before facts were established, which puts skeptics in a dilemma that to counter the stickability of that meme we have to act quickly.)

Haiyan games

- Job Bloggs is tweeting alot to make accusation that skeptics can't take part of IPCC to point out warmists contradiction, he's taxpayer funded

All he's doing is pointing THEIR contadiction, you can't be IPCC faithful & say "yep of course Hayan was caused by Global Warming" have your cake and eat it is DramaGreen tactic.

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