82 No Science & Only PR pushing Fantasyworldviews

- is the green activists main method

Haiyan ClimateChange ? A joke says Ridley

I watched Matt Ridly on Bolt ..asked about is Typhoon Taiyan caused by CC he laughed and said of course not the real world is a million miles away from that.
- And that made me think.
- Yes the green activists don't have the real world science so their main tactic is to push a fantasy worldview for each issue

video bolt
- 97% of Green coverage on the TV is fantasyworld rather than real world.

- Strangething is I knew thios all along - It's my whole premise of irrational world that the picture media & society gives is BS : True love; perfect house; perfect holiday etc.


(Perspective check : $1bn/day is being wasted on mad CO2 Climate Change policies, which have real consquences today, when the science/predictions have still not been validated ..and we are going all dramaqueen about small issues!)

Climate Scientists Surveys rare : One done only 36%

Surveys 36% of geoscientists & engineers believe : Rebutall "oh well they are oil engineers" of course Wikipedia is 1984 about "surveys of Scientists" ..travesty. - My guess they are afraid to do proper honest surveys cos they are afraid what the result will be.

Haiyan Abuse

Should we be outraged that they have taken an normal normal situation and used it to plant another seed of their fantasy universe

OK let's take the Haiyan away from the alarmist framing & back to reality The thing is this Haiyan hype shows that as regards Climate media/society spends 95% of the time in a fantasy universe.
- Come on Climate people get on with the science and produce some proper models,
- let's talk about renewables that work like power stations powered from chicken shit etc.

Haiyan most powerful ever cyclone ? NO it seems on average there is similar strength typhoon EVERY year in that region ALONE
- Interesting so Cyclones aren't easy to rank cos there isn't just ONE simple measurement strength depends on at least 3 factors
1. Lowness of pressure
2. Landfall windspeed
3. Concentration of the eye
- Typhoon expert Ryan Maue points us to official list of WN Pacific cyclones from 1950 shows there have been 58 similar strength to Haiyan that means on average there is one every year.
- Of course important as a disaster, but as a Climate issue why has it taken up hours and hours of peoples time ?

- Twitter Trickery
saying "look even the IPCC say that" is
1. pointing out the hypocrisy of Haiyan hypers nnot following their beloved IPCC on this
2. as SandyS says is saying "Look even the least conservative source authority on the matter, don't believe that science shows that todays Cyclones are caused or intensisfied by climate change.
- yet activists came with the line "Ah you quoted the IPCC so now you believe all"


Questions for Greens
show us your data
can't be trust


- Something I already know society has the wrong picture about fundamentals in life. The same for climate/green issues. It not about conspiracies but somehow the wrong picture becomes dominant, ..e.g. cos the fear factor is dominant


DramaGreen dirty PR a mountain out of every molehill
Crisis out of every normality
Wednesday 29 August 2012 The day the world went mad George Monbiot: As record sea ice melt scarcely makes the news while the third runway grabs headlines, is there a form of reactive denial at work?
- Monbiot & the Guardian been writing much about record ice levels in the Antarctic & record ice recovery in the Artic this year have they ?
..Dramagreening, it's all about dirty PR and not about the facts

We are all green but The Fundamentalist 5% dominate the media & the politics. Should Eco Taliban be allowed to control the 95% ?
Has anyone done a complete takedown on the Drax convert to American wood madness
95% of population show they don't think Climate Catastrophe is imminent. & Many green policies turn out very ungreen

- By the time Drax is ready there will be masses of fracking in the UK, new nuclear stations already built & commerical fusion power on the horizon.
BUT instead of taking fracking gas for free we are going to pay money to Americans and transport
76KT/day of wood past US power stations and across the Atlantic resulting in electricity
costing 4 times that of electricity from coal. Really you think it's going to happen ?
- Anyone seen a good breakdown of the Drax Fiasco ?
adds on extra £35-40 to the current £112/year/household GreenTax
- £1bn/year subsidy for Drax divided by 26.4 million households
oh and you'll pay £30 for the conversion costs of £700m
Mail March 2013
.... Bish Sept 2012
- If we did renationalise Drax and keep it as coal on the excuse of what is good enough for the Germans ... then we'd save money

My local council can’t fix neighbourhood graffiti but apparently they are able to help solve global warming.

- Remember all those "nuclear free" signs for councils popular in the 1990s? anyone seen "Wind Turbine Free Borcetshire" or something"


- There seems to be a bit of a game going on : At the moment CO2 climate models aren't very good so IPCC advocates can't come up with science so they go for PR instead. Hence when extreme weather events come up they do all they can to pin it on CC, pushing that meme for all it's worth. when someone counters them with "even the IPCC doesn't pin today's weather events on Climate Change"

..they don't have any science to come back with so they sneer back with "So you believe *all* IPCC science now do you ?

(So when Taiyan came up we knew that they would rush to do that well before facts were established, which puts skeptics in a dilemma that to counter the stickability of that meme we have to act quickly.)

Haiyan games

- Job Bloggs is tweeting alot to make accusation that skeptics can't take part of IPCC to point out warmists contradiction, he's taxpayer funded

All he's doing is pointing THEIR contadiction, you can't be IPCC faithful & say "yep of course Hayan was caused by Global Warming" have your cake and eat it is DramaGreen tactic.

fantasy Universe ; BBCEnvrio put out an ocean acidification news story

It's BBCEnviro=Greenpeace PR dept so why are we talking about this ?
- We know it's not news and just part of COP19 hype ..just cerating that fantasy universe.
(BTW they are entitled the use the word acidification, just in the same way as if winter arctic night temperature rose from -31C to 30 can be called warming.)

1. BBCEnviro is no a credible source of news , info coming out of it can be just treated as if it comes out of the Greenpeace PR office. It will have a hyping headline, people will spend hours analysing the story and it will almost always be found flawed by a sceptic spending hours deconstructing it.
2. Is it news ? is it new ? It doesn't even come with the moniker "according to a NEW research published in X journal" ? no rather the new item is based on the fact some thing called International Geosphere-biosphere Programme IGBP are publishing a summary for policymakers called "Ocean Acidification Summary for Policymakers 2013", but that is NOT NEW as it's "based on the latest research presented at The Third Symposium on the Ocean in a High-CO2 World, held in Monterey, California, in September 2012."
i.e. some ones taken notes from more than one year ago and put them into a report for policymakers... probably specially made for COP19
- Is IGBP credible ? Well they existed since 1987, but their homepage has a graphic of drying desert, dirty chimneys, and skewed graphs ..telling me their ethos is to push the CAGW message rather than be independent.
- "in 2009, IGBP's income totalled 1,531,000 EUROS." so not exactly a big research institute are they ?
3. It will have language loaded with rethorical tricks calculated to create a lie in the mind of the reader e.g. using "may be" below which is meaningless, but many people will read as "is"

The world's oceans are becoming acidic at an "unprecedented rate" and may be souring more rapidly than at any time in the past 300 million years.

- and look at those words .. now it's clear that this new item is a rehash of that discredited Fiona Harvey story in the Guardian from a month a go which had an obvious error in the first sentence, which none of the Guardianistas noticed, but rather was corrected after 1 week only after Latimer Adler & Ruth Dixon pointed it out. (on BH)

The Dirty PR message

OK the science is uncertain but the proponents are not they are 100% certain
- hence their emphatic green drama queening

- Catastrophe will come
- CO2 only has negative effects
- The heat has been proven to be hiding in the oceans and the temps have been proven to be rising
- This week's weather event was caused by global warming
- and in their minds not only is everything certain, also everything is "more that ever" e.g. temperatures/ocean acidification/Arctic de-icing etc. are all changing faster than ever (in their minds)
- Note that it is a common rhetorical tricks among reporters and Greenpeace PR people to couch climate stories in conditional terms so that a LIE of certainty is created in the mind off the reader.
e.g. Harrabin's "I could not find a single scientist in trhe Climate field", beomes "there are no scientists experienced in the Climate field who are sceptical of large parts of IPCC science."

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